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Settling In



I know I said that I would post a bunch to “get caught up” on my writing.  I have written a bunch of stuff “offline” while sitting around waiting for the little woman to make a decision as to where we would eventually end up.  As it turns out, we are settling in well in our new house and I have internet access of my very own.  The downside,  my wife has about sixty million “honey do” items for me to cover as we settle in.  I need this couch moved here.  I need this picture hung here.  I need you to move this here… It never ends,  or at least, for now, it seems that way.  I mean, I didn’t think that we had so many pictures to hang on the wall.  Hundreds!   You can’t just drive a nail and hang it.  It has to be “centered!”   Equal distance from the door and the window,  just so many inches from the ceiling and from the floor to match the other one on the other side of the room.  Don’t ask me the logic,  I just do what she says.  You can’t make logic from a woman’s mind anyhow.  I just measure and do it.  The problem I have is that she wants this 80 pound picture to hang in a specific place.  I mean it can’t vary more then a half centimeter off from where she marked “the spot.”.  The hangers are key-holes in a strange place on the back.   I say “no problem”  I’ll just measure up and over and drive the nail.  I mean all paintings or picture frames are made with even number measurements,  right?  It seems not.  It seems that all of her picture frames were made in Mongolia or somewhere where they measure in cubits… or something other then centimeters or inches.  Every measurement is an odd number, like 6 and 13/16ths.  I flip the measuring tape and get the same length in metric.  It measures out at 17.3 centimeters.  What no round numbers?  Then she says,  “hey honey, did you get one of those nails into a stud?  It’s heavy and you probably need to get a stud to hold the weight…”

Lets just say, it may be a little while longer before I can get caught up on my blog posting.


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