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Hot Day in Oregon



  thCAT2H8YH Man is it hot today.  My thermometer hit 101 degrees.  All I could think was “curse you Al Gore!”    So to alleviate my frustrations on the global warming issue and to get cooled off a bit,  the wife and I decided to take a drive out to Hagg lake.  Or to be specific we went to Henry Hagg Lake.  I packed a ham sandwich and a few drinks in the ice chest.  When we got there, it was clearly obvious that this wasn’t an original idea.  I mean, when we were there last week scoping it out as “a potential fun place to visit later” kind of place, there was no one there.  Today there were literally hundreds of people there working to escape the heat.  The water which was a beautiful aqua blue, was now churned up brown.  Oh well, I guess we’ll join in and be part of the masses.  Once I got a parking place we set up our picnic stuff and jumped into the water.  It was cool and refreshing.  It was wonderful.  I have found that most mountain lakes here in the North West are so cold that they sap the energy.  Once I jump in, I can visualize hypothermia and eventual death if I get deep enough to not touch bottom and too far from the shore.  Hagg lake was just right.  I swam around and eventually sat on my inflatable  raft to relax.  Bonnie and I took the raft and paddled to the other side and back again.  Then we had our lunch picnic.  It was a very nice way to spend a Saturday away from the extreme heat. 

 On the way home, we even went by Wal Mart to get some more swim gear.  I thought that the inflatable rafts and water play toys would be all bought up. Last year we were  faced with only Halloween decorations where the water toys use to be as early as July.  Fortunately there were a few left and the stress was much diminished.  So now that I am fully prepared, I can’t wait until our next outing. 

 I’m starting to feel pretty good about this semi-retired state of living.


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