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Classic Rock



 All week, I’ve had my car radio  tuned to 106.7 FM.  It’s a classic rock station here in Portland.  I rarely listen to that stuff anymore.  Now –a-days I listen to conservative talk radio or, if I do music, I plug in my (non-Apple product), I-Pod for my own custom special music list.  I mean, seriously. The “classic rock” radio stations all have the exact same  playlist since about 1983, and the exact same disc jockeys with the exact same voices, all around the country. I’d love to be a program director at one of those stations: Yeah,  just keep playing the same hundred songs we’ve been playing for the past quarter-century. …And I’m going out to play a round of golf.  But I’ll be damned if this stuff doesn’t sound really good again.  Maybe  that ten-year break purged me? AC/DC, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, Foreigner, Ted Nugent… It’s like Mom’s pot roast at this point.  It must be some sort of “getting grounded” once again.  I mean, I sold my house without any planned place to go.  We flopped into a crappy apartment for about four weeks with nothing more than my cat and a coffee cup.  We bought another house, in town,  hired a moving crew, and moved into it.  And let’s not forget about the inspection thing at work all last week.  It sorta all piled up and I don’t think I’m over it.  And maybe its cumulative,  I don’t know.  I was getting away from current events and the anger of talk radio and all the war and hardship happening around the world and back to good times… my high school and college years.  I can venture back to those days every time one of those songs starts up.  Each song makes me think of what I was doing at that time. 

 It’s funny because today, I was assigned to an ENT room.  Once the surgeon got underway, she said, “hey, how about some music?”  I said, “like, what do you want to hear… I mean,  I can play anything, I’ve got my harmonica.”  She glared, “not funny… how about just classic rock?”  I had to laugh, yeah, I’m listening to that old station with all the old tunes and lovin’ it.


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