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Strange Day in Urology

Posted by jdtaylor on July 18, 2013



  Work today was very interesting.  Today I worked with an old guy who claimed to be retiring.  I believe that he is trying to cut back.  I mean his work is getting more sporadic… but retire,  I don’t really think so.  Dr. Frank’s specialty is vasectomy reversal.  He is the only guy in the area that can to this type of micro surgery.  Because this procedure is not covered by any insurance what so ever, he works diligently to cut expenses whenever possible.  All patients must pay “out of pocket” for this to be done.  And if Dr. Frank can do it for less,  then all the better.  One of the cost cutting measures is to do away with the Anesthesiologist.  Instead, we have “nurse sedation” for this procedure.  Instead of being totally asleep and out of it for this procedure,  a registered nurse with training in sedation, gets the patient in a state of “don’t give a care in the world”  for the procedure.  That nurse is usually me.     The typical day is as soon as the patient is off to sleep, Dr. Frank starts in on me with whatever current event that he feels might tweak me.  Dr.  Frank is extremely liberal and I’m not.  Also,  the typical patient for this procedure is an older man who has hit his mid life crisis, divorced his wife of 20 plus years, and has hooked up with a 20 something hottie.  The new hottie wants a baby to seal the deal and that’s where we come in. 

 Today was everything but typical.  My interview found that the patient was a 27 year old guy who was still married to his first wife.  They both wanted a baby and they both had gone to a fertility specialist who concluded that due to a childhood accident, he had a stricture causing an inadequate sperm count.  We were going to do some revisions to his plumbing and bypass the narrow area so he could once again shoot live ammo.   I was a little jazzed that we were not doing the typical vaso-procedure. 

 Once I got the patient off to sleep, Dr. Frank started in,  “hey, I heard you sold your house… don’t you live way out in the boonies?”   I looked up from my monitors,  “yep,  it’s sold… and I lived in St. Helens.  I don’t think that classifies as ‘the boonies’ in my book.”  He looked confused, “but you have acreage, I mean lots of land, why are you moving?  It would be stupid to move away from that.”   I started to explain, “well, I’ve had some health problems and my wife is worried about the up-keep if I were to suddenly kack off.”   He continued,  “well, at least I would cut the timber before I left.  I mean, that’s money.  I wouldn’t just let that go with the house. Harvest the wealth of your property before moving on.”   I was quiet for a minute as I thought to where he could possibly be going with this conversation.  “You want me to cut down all  the trees?”  He looked back over his glasses,  “Duh, yea… I think he’s gettin’ it.  They’re your trees, for goodness sake and they’re worth a lot of money.”  I couldn’t believe where this was going.  I was actually arguing with this guy from the liberal side.  “I can’t cut the trees no matter what they are worth,”  I jabbed back.  “Well, that’s just stupid”  he responded.  I thought a minute before saying.  “Dr. Frank,  I’m not exactly a tree hugger activist, by a long shot,  but I can’t bear to cut trees down just for the sake of cutting trees.  To me, it’s morally and ethically wrong, cut old growth trees  even if they are on my property and they are indeed worth a lot of cash.  I feel that those trees are many times more valuable to the environment than they could possibly be to my short-term financial gain… and to cut them down is stupid.”   He glared back, “Hmmph”  and was quiet for most of the rest of the case. 

 I thought that this is indeed going to be an interesting day. 

 It makes me wonder how liberals claim to “help the poor”  by raising everyone’s taxes for more failed social programs and at the same time show so much obvious selfishness.   When the social programs fail and the environmental stop gap measures fail, they still,  somehow lay all the blame on the Conservatives.  Strange.


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