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From Al Gore to Al Jazeera



It’s not easy to stand for freedom of speech, especially when you don’t like it.

Today, Al Jazeera America — an international organization funded by the Middle Eastern country of Qatar — was added to channel lineups in 48 millions homes across America. That’s 48 million Americans who now have the choice to watch Al Jazeera America, if they find it to be a channel that represents their values.
We believe in more voices, not less. We recognize TV providers’ right to make Al Jazeera America’s programming available to anyone who wants to watch it. We think it’s great to have another voice in the national conversation.

But what about something for those whose values don’t align with Al Jazeera America? What about the people across the country who have spent countless hours on the phone asking their TV provider to add something, God forbid,  a little more conservative.  All national television providers have done away with conservative shows.  Shows like the Rush Limbaugh show,  the Shawn Hannity show, the Glenn Beck show, the Mike Savage show, to name a few that have been removed from television by the liberal networks.  Yes we are still allowed to see Fox news,  that is, if you are willing to pay extra for the “premium channels.  

All I’m asking for is a fair and balanced showing of the news to be a part of the conversation. I’d like for the TV providers to give the customers the CHOICE of watching anything that is not parched out with a decidedly liberal slant.  

This isn’t about shutting down Al Jazeera, I believe in freedom of speech.  I just would like to see this as yet another news network being added on the left side of the political spectrum, while everyone who identifies as libertarian or conservative still has no place to go.

With the departure of Walter Cronkite,  the mainstream media has always been slanted.  No one simply gives the news anymore.  There is always an agenda.  

Al Jazeera is not only radically liberal, it is anti-Jew, anti-Christian, and anti-American and it is getting a free ride into the homes of every American.  They have taken a huge portion of that oil money and spent it on their own network.  Even if they had zero viewers, they don’t even need advertising to keep up. Advertising competition is not even an issue.  So far the only issue is has been getting the message out.  They have spent untold Billions in getting the right people to advertise.  The other day I saw John McCain doing a spot extolling the virtues of Al Jazeera television.  Really!,  I mean,  this once great man, a war veteran,  is now hocking himself for his Arab masters.  Shame. 

I don’t know where this will ever end,  but I do know that it can’t possibly end well for the Americans that still have values.


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