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Fifty Years…


This is the 50 anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech.  Obama (our President) is giving a speech later this evening to high-light this historical event.   I haven’t heard or seen the speech, but I think that if the good doctor King could hear this speech, he would be rolling over in his grave.  Obama has taken the good words and intentions of Dr. King and perverted them into something  very different.  If you listen to the King speech, he says that every person is created equal, and that no man should be put above another.

What should we remember on Martin Luther King Day? In his “I Have a Dream” speech Dr. King said: “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

This statement means that in judging other men, skin color should be ignored–that it should not be a factor in evaluating their competence or moral stature. It follows that skin color should not be a factor in taking actions toward other people, e.g., hiring and admitting to universities.

What has happened in the years following King’s murder is the opposite of the “I Have a Dream” quote above.  Dr. King’s fantasy of a colorblind America has now has been replaced with color preference in the form of affirmative action.  No amount of rationalizing can disguise the fact that affirmative action involves implicit or explicit racial quotas, i.e., racism.

In the days of racial injustice of 1964, Dr. King simply wanted peace,  an end to the violence, and an end to the divide.    Since this President has taken office,  everyone (even liberals) have to agree, that the racial divide has broadened exponentially.   When the Travon Martin tragedy took place,  the President stepped in.  He had an excellent opportunity to heal and mend racial tension.  Instead he broadened it with the speech about “horrible tragedy, if I had a son, he would look just like Traavon…”   In the process he actually incited a multitude of black on white murders.

In the time Obama has been in office, he has advanced affirmative action and race based preference.  The illiteracy rate in Detroit has exceeded 47%.  The murder rate in his home town of Chicago has skyrocketed,  and the family unit has utterly dissolved with the illegitimate childbirth rate at 78%.

Yea, I’m sure that the good Dr. King would  never have consented to anything this dark and insidious to be supported with his speech.

So, when you celebrate the wonderful works of the late Martin Luther King, or celebrate the actual MLK national holiday, (and every day),  we should focus on the proper antidote to racism and the proper alternative to racial thinking: individualism. We need to teach our children and all our citizens to look beyond the superficialities of skin color and to judge people on what really matters, namely, “the content of their character,” (and not on what our President may claim).


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