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The Thin Red Line


Back in the day when George Bush was our leader, we had issues with people in the Middle East.  It was much like today with Syria.  It seem that our current leader has issues with people in the Middle East.  President Obama has gone on record saying that “we will not allow weapons of mass destruction to be used” on the people of Syria.  He went on to say that if this were to happen,  it will be “the Red Line” that cannot be crossed.  The zealots on Syria has indeed called his bluff and used poison gas on the citizens.  Now it seems that our President has been backed into a corner.  In order to not show weakness, he feels he must act.

Today while watching CNN the talking head reported that the proposed start of this engagement would be by four navy destroyers in the area that would “soften up” the opposition with cruise missiles.  Then our President, in conjunction with talks with Secretary John Kerry, would play it by ear.

Does this rub anyone the wrong way… or is it just me?   I mean when it was George Bush going against Saddam Hussein the liberals were frothing at the mouth about the evils of going to war.  Even today, ten years later, the hatred for George Bush is boundless.  But to set the record straight,  when we went to war in Iraq, things were pretty well planned out.  George Bush first talked to Congress and got a vote for a “use of force action” against Iraq.  President Bush then went to the UN and got a buy in from the other countries and formed a “coalition” to assist us in our invasion.  Obama has done none of this.

Obama has simply stated that “this is a line that cannot be crossed” and went on to unilaterally declare war on Syria.  And now I sit here listening to the second most liberal news network on the planet talk about going to war with Syria like it’s just another Miley Cyrus video.  Where’s the outrage?  Where’s the hatred?   The double standard is infuriating.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am a rabid “war protestor” myself.  I was against the war then and I’m against it now.  I don’t want to be misunderstood.  I have a son in the Army and I don’t want him to get killed for some useless war over nothing more than sheer politics.  If North Korea were to send troops and invade our Western Coast, heck yea, I’d be out there fighting right beside them.  But to send our American troops to die in some flea bitten, worthless stink hole simply because some politician might look bad is an atrocity.


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