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Why everyone is in a panic right now


Nobody is in an uproar over the use of chemical weapons in Syria by either side. Everybody knows that the contending factions are ruthless. It’s how they do business.

Everybody is in a panic because most everyone believes that President Obama is stupid enough to actually engage the military on the behalf of our enemies. Either that or they realize that he is dedicated to the destruction of the United States and if he can use the military to help accomplish that mission, he’s going to. The Communist movement in the United States has been in support of the overthrow of President Assad from the very beginning of the Springtime for Jihadist.

H/T to  MadBrad  over at The RealRevo.com

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I mean really, who cares really what happens in Syria?  They are brutal barbarians and they have been killing each other for thousands of years.  What is happening today is really no different than what was happening back in biblical times.  Well, there is a little difference… Russia and China are backing the rightful President of that country.  Our bombing Syria and attempting to overthrow that country will put us directly at odds with Russia and China.  Not only can the combined power of those two countries bring our American economy to ruin, but they have a considerably more military power than we do.  This action that Obama is attempting could very well bring us to ruin through a World War III.

On a slightly different note.  I don’t really care about the end.  I have read that last book in the Bible and I kinda know the story already and I have made my peace.  So bomb Syria and bring it on early… or wait.  It doesn’t matter to me.  What really tweaks my nerve is the double standard that the liberals seem to live by.  I was watching CNN this morning and they were all up in arms because they “felt” that if Obama  went to Congress and asked for permission to attack, (like he is Constitutionally required to do) then Congress wouldn’t support him and would just might deny him his declaration of war.  (See my last post about GW Bush).   Anyway, the liberals are all frazzled about the “use of chemical weapons” in Syria saying that there “are thousands dead.”   I have one thing to say to those liberals.  Why don’t you take care of home first.  Look  to Chicago, New Orleans, East St. Lewis etc. at the innocents that are killed.  Also if you are wanting to bomb another sovereign country to “stop the slaughter,”  then please look at Mexico.   The corruption is rampant and the Cartels are killing thousands of innocents each and every day.  Civilians,  women and children are dying every day and no one in our government or in the media is saying a word.  It is a travesty of justice.  No one even cares, especially our President.


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