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Why Are They Trying So Hard To Demonize Gun Owners?


There is an all-out effort to demonize gun owners in the United States today. Those that own guns are repeatedly portrayed as being uneducated, mentally deficient racists in the mainstream media. No evidence is ever produced to actually back up those claims. Gun owners regularly make lists of “potential terrorists” in official government documents, and many government officials openly regard them as ultra-paranoid “conspiracy nuts” that are a serious threat to national security. Of course the truth is that gun owners are actually among the most law-abiding and patriotic people in the entire nation, but that doesn’t really fit with the radical gun control agenda of the progressive elite. In order to move their agenda forward, they must make gun owners look bad, and they will go to ridiculous extremes in order to achieve that goal. And to a certain extent, it is working. As you will see below, some large financial companies no longer want to conduct business with gun owners, and just the sight of a gun is enough to get people freaking out and calling the police in many communities in America today.

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From my friends over at IT AINT HOLY WATER

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Oh the Horror….Not a Government Shutdown!


Government Shutdown


 OK, I know that I said that I was taking a vacation from politics for a while… it does still tend to get my blood pressure up,   but I just couldn’t stand it.  I heard this morning on the news that our Congress is all up in arms to  passes a stop gap, bridge to cover the debt to avert a “government shutdown”. Oh No! what do we do? I say, So what if the government shuts down. They act like it’s the end of the world. Well, it’s not. Congress is having late night meetings, Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes and the debt ceiling while the Republicans want to cut spending, balance the budget, and leave the debt ceiling well enough alone. They all are crying that the other is party is holding up the works.  Obama has gone on CNN saying that if we don’t get things going and work through this stalemate soon, the government might shut down.  I ask, what if the government does shut down?


I say, let it shut down. What has the government done for me?  What really constructive thing has the government done for anyone lately?  I pay my taxes and get nothing but waste corruption.  I guess if I were a federal employee and my livelihood depended on a tax dollar sponsored paycheck, well then, I would probably be worrying a lot more right now.  We all know that the government bureaucracy is rife with waste and is in desperate need of thinning.  But,  as a private citizen of this great country, I say “what could possibly happen that is so horrible if the government were to shut down?  What nightmares would a government shutdown cause Americans in general? 

Witness the horror….

Social Security will continue. The government would continue to make Social Security payments to the 53 million beneficiaries. “We will continue to process applications for benefits, but it might take longer if a shutdown does occur,” said Mark Hinkle, a spokesman for Social Security. “The local offices will open for limited services. We are working on the long term specifics.”  With a  smaller workforce, the backlog of applications for Social Security disability benefits would grow  larger, an agency officials said.

Healthcare will continue. Medicare, the program for people who are 65 and older would continue to pay doctors and hospitals for several weeks, using money from its trust funds…

Passports may be put on hold. As a national security agency, the State Department would continue operations, but some activities, like issuing passports for travelers and visas for foreigners coming to the United States, could stop or face significant delays. Emergency consular services would continue.

The Post offices would maintain their regular hours and mail delivery would continue.

The food stamp program will continue. Since the government makes the money available to states by the beginning of each month, advocates for food stamp recipients predicted no immediate impact on benefits. “They should be O.K. for at least an additional thirty days after a shutdown,” said Stacy Dean, a food stamp expert at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The military will continue. Active-duty personnel would continue to work and earn pay during a shutdown, but would generally not receive an actual paychecks until Congress appropriated money at some later date. While troops already in combat zones might not get additional payment until a new budget is approved by Congress. The Department of Homeland Security expects to keep its “frontline” officers on duty during any government shutdown. This  includes all immigration agents, border-patrol officers and airport screeners. About 80 percent of the agency’s employees are considered frontline and therefore protected from furloughs.

Members of Congress would also continue working… and getting paid for what they do!

Most national museums and parks are considered as non-essential would be closed through the shutdown.

Federal courts will remain open, although court officials say the loss of “non-essential” personnel could slow operations.

“During the last major shutdown, the Social Security Administration mailed checks throughout the crisis, and a close reading of established law makes clear the agency has the legal authority to do so again,” according to CNN. However, it’s possible that no new claims would be processed.

Medicare would also continue to process patients, at least in the short term.

Most small-business lending programs of the U.S. Small Business Administration will come to a halt. However, work on disaster loans will continue, as well as some of the Inspector General’s investigative work, the preferred security bond program for builders and work on previously approved real estate loans to small firms will still go forward.

Most federal campgrounds in National Forest areas will close and the grass will grow long at Arlington National Cemetery.

All federal agencies have been required to have a plan in case of a government shutdown, and to regularly update that plan, since 1980, according to the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Overall, a “government shutdown” will have no real impact on anyone’s life.  Everything goes on.   Non-essential positions may be effected.  The politicians hate this because all of those “non-essential” positions are friends or relatives of those very politicians.  The positions that they are not directly related to are union positions and they really hate angering that big union bear.  I say let them go.  It’s high time that we downsize government just a little.   But in the meantime …Write your congressman and tell them all to man up, spend less , waste less, and be responsible!

I’m guessing she ain’t your first wife…

My friend said, he asked his wife to “peel half the potatoes in the bag and put them in the pot of water.”
A friend sent me this.  It made me laugh out loud.  He said he had just had just gotten married and asked his  new wife to cook.  I found it funny and slightly reminiscent to my early days of marriage when my own lovely bride attempted to cook.

 I grew up in a fishing community.  The men-folk all went out on fishing boats.  They were out from one to three weeks at a time.  The guys all learned to cook.  The new guy on the boat was usually the one who had to cook and clean.  A typical method of working up the chain or rite of passage until you are no longer considered “the new guy.”   Then everyone rotated the cooking.  If you couldn’t cook, you were soon unemployed.  Most guys who worked the boats, favored stews, casseroles and one pot meals… for obvious reasons.

I marred “outside the community” because I couldn’t see myself doing this kind of work forever.  I went to college where I met my first wife… the one that I’m still marred to.  We’ve been marred for  27 years and yes,  I still do all of the cooking.

The Best in Public Education

Let me guess. Mrs. Edwards, 2nd grade…  I think I know her


Yep,  this is the best of Public education.

Coming to a Town Near You


Coming to a town near you…

Don’t like carrying that gun because it’s uncomfortable? Don’t take it every time you leave the house? Don’t carry it because the building says “no guns”?  or “gun free zone?”   Just imagine being trapped in this situation with no means of defense. Trapped with terrorists dragging you out and asking questions from the Koran and shooting you in the head if you answered wrong.  They were killing everyone they deemed “non-Muslim”  by shooting them.  Women, children,  infants…  Horrifying.

And all our liberal friends still inisist that these are “the moderates” and mean no harm to any of us.  They are following “the religion of peace”… yea right.  Go on and believe that.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.42.29 PM 

Call me a hate-monger,  but I predict,  because of our own liberal attitudes, and because of our liberal lawmakers think that they can pass more  laws and it will make us all safer…  this will soon happen more regularly here in America.  You say that this was Africa and couldn’t possibly happen here in the United States.   But it has happened.   We already had a Muslim with a simple pressure cooker and a few household items construct a bomb at the Boston marathon.  It’s already against the law to do this… not to mention that really big law of “thou shalt not kill.”

There are already communities here in America that are practicing Sharia Law.  They are petitioning our government to be “exempt” from the government of the United States based on religious freedom.

We just don’t learn.  They will continue to attack highly popular and highly advertised events in our society (such as the Boston Marathon).   The only way to end this with the least possible loss of life is to insist that we, as Americans will not be victims.  We need to send a clear signal that you attempt to do harm, you will not be sent to a lavish prison with full medical and an embossed Koran, complete with staff willing to cater to your every religions need.  Instead, you will be killed.

I for one will be carrying my sidearm whenever possible.  And if I feel threatened,  I will not hesitate and I won’t lose a wink of sleep over it.

Obamacare for Dummies

There has  been a lot said just recently about the new Obama health care law.  They have been issues and speeches and several marathon filibuster events in both the house and the senate.  This law has been passed and in now the law  of the land.  We are going to have socialized healthcare and we had better get use to it.

As a libertarian, most of my nursing friends are saying, “hey, I bet this really scalds you… having to stomach this Obama-care being passed.”   You know, I don’t really care.    The people that actually got out there and campaigned for this bill (now law) and the people that actually voted for Obama based on the promise that he would pass this health care package will most assuredly be the ones that are scalded.   Like most liberals, they are expecting something for nothing.  I say, they are in for a big surprise.

The real reason Obama insists upon making the young and healthy buy insurance they don’t want is not the relatively minor free rider problem but the potentially ruinous adverse selection problem: The most expensive patients are the ones who are most likely to sign up for coverage. To keep the official 10-year price tag of his plan below that magical $1 trillion threshold, he needs to balance sick people who rack up big bills with healthy people who pay for insurance but don’t use it. Instead of acknowledging this reality, Obama portrays the healthy uninsured as irresponsible leeches.



Yup, here is a dose of reality for all those idealistic young folks who voted for Obama without a real clue of what he was actually planning, he just views you as a money source he can leech off to support his socialist policies.

Welcome to the farm comrade.       h/t to jeffli6 in Politics

A True Leader


Call him what you want but Putin has a grasp on HIS countries values. As most of you over the age of 50 understand Russia was/is our enemy, maybe not at cold war standards, but still a geo-political enemy.

It goes against everything I was raised to believe that Americans should trust Russia, that being said, Putin seems to be more worried about his country than Obama cares about his. He may be a tyrant, maybe even holds true the values of communism, but he is a leader. Whether you can trust anything he says is irrelevant, he is a strong leader, something we are sorely lacking in todays America. And I agree with this graphic, Obama could learn a few things from him.

Don’t mistake my praise as admiration, it is not, it is simply a perception of leadership, right or wrong the man is decisive.


“We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.” – Obama

Yep, it’s a really sad day when I find myself trusting a former KGB agent from the cold war more than my own leader of my own country…. the President of the United States of America.


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Oktoberfest Starts Today… Belly Up


Yep, it’s the time of year.  I’m starting off my holiday season by spending the day at the annual Sauerkraut festival,  held in the metropolis of Scappoose OR.  They have live bands playing around the clock, excellent food everywhere.  I’m getting one of their special German sauerkraut sandwiches as soon as I get there.  It’s complete with spicy German sausage, pan-seared onions, green peppers, with spicy mustard… and of course, a scoop of sauerkraut.  It’s a gathering that I have attended every year since I’ve been living in Oregon.  It’s an event that I just couldn’t bear to miss.

I’ve Been Shot




I got my flu shot today!  I’ve never had a flu shot in my life.  I’ve always believed that natural occurring immunity (that you develop in your own body)  is what’s best for you.  Well, at least better than some artificial, laboratory grown immunity. 

 Now that I’m getting older, I think that I may be thinking a little differently.  I’ve run right past the half-century mark and I really feel it.  Last year I had a heart attack  and  only a few short months later,  I got the flu.  I couldn’t shake it.   It went on and on and eventually turned into pneumonia.  Let’s say,  I got really sick.  So sick that my wife told me that I had better get a flu shot this year or I’d never hear the end of it.  As a matter of fact, if I continued to refuse the flu shot and I actually got the flu again this year,  she said, “it had better be fatal.”     She was pretty angry at me.  And you know how angry women can be. 

 So, in the interest of family harmony, I went down to the clinic and got my free flu shot… the first one in my life.  You know what.  It wasn’t that bad… and I even got a sticker!


Military Base Massacre

Posted by jdtaylor on September 17, 2013

Yep, another crazy nut-job killed a bunch of people on a military base.  I don’t have to have a crystal ball to see what’s coming down the pike next.  Our military bases are not safe for our military personal. .. and it’s all my fault.  That is, me and all law abiding citizens who jump through all of the hoops to legally own a firearm.  The nut-jobs and especially the Middle Eastern Jihadist like Hassan at Fort Hood are totally understandable.

I know who was really to blame.  It was President Bill Clinton who, in 1993, decreed that military bases become ‘Gun-Free Zones’. It was Clinton who put our military members into danger. It was Clinton who made it easy for jihadists or other crazy people to fulfill their filthy fantasies by racking up a record number of kills, each shooter vying for the highest score.

The blame for increased violence on our bases should be laid exactly where it belongs: at the feet of President Clinton and whomever enabled him to do this terrible thing.

From PJ Media

After Nidal Hasan killed 13 and wounded more than 30 in November 2009, John R. Lott wrote about one of the craziest policies to come out of the Clinton era: making military bases “gun free zones.”

Yes, that’s correct. In 1993, President Bill Clinton decreed that US military personnel were to surrender the Second Amendment rights that they swear an oath to support and defend. Lott, writing in 2009, called for that policy to be ended.”

From Lott’s 2009 article:

Shouldn’t an army base be the last place where a terrorist should be able to shoot at people uninterrupted for 10 minutes? After all, an army base is filled with soldiers who carry guns, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. Beginning in March 1993, under the Clinton administration, the army forbids military personnel from carrying their own personal firearms and mandates that “a credible and specific threat against [Department of the Army] personnel [exist] in that region” before military personnel “may be authorized to carry firearms for personal protection.” Indeed, most military bases have relatively few military police as they are in heavy demand to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The unarmed soldiers could do little more than cower as Major Nidal Malik Hasan stood on a desk and shot down into the cubicles in which his victims were trapped. The law-abiding, not the criminals, are the ones who obey the ban on guns. Instead of making areas safe for victims, the bans make it safe for the criminal. Hasan not only violated the army’s ban on carrying a gun, he also apparently violated the rules that require soldiers to register privately owned guns at the post.”

Two men who made America more dangerousTwo men who made America more dangerous


The emoting that caused Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama to do stupid, unthinking things will be the hallmark of a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

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