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Where Were You?


World Trade Center (5)

 Today is the anniversary of the day the world trade towers went down.  Where were you on that infamous day?

I was working in the ICU that morning.  A patient called me. He was yelling and I thought something was wrong with him in particular.  He pointed at his television with his mouth open.  “What’s going on over here?”  He continued point, “They say it’s been a horrible air-traffic controller mistake.  A plane just flew into the world trade center.”  I looked at the television just in time to see the second crash.”   Someone from the lounge ran in yelling about America being under attack. The rest of the morning was a numbing blur.

The whole week that followed was surreal. I went to work every day, but our workload was incredibly light.  Apparently everyone, that would otherwise be out getting liquored up and getting themselves injured,  was all at home glued to the television.  The management staff were all jittery and were staffing up in the ER, OR and ICU.  I guess they were feeling some sort of impending doom about something else that just might happen here in our little city.  I guess they were wanting to be ready. 

I didn’t think about it that much then.  Well three months later, I didn’t think about it that much.   Because it wasn’t my neighborhood, because I didn’t live in New York, I didn’t think it affected me.  I was wrong.  Boy was I wrong.

It sure does affect me today. Every time I use my phone or computer, the government is listening.  Every time I fly, the government is groping me, or looking at me naked. The government can kidnap me, send me to a secret prison, try me in a secret court, and detain me indefinitely. They can break into my house, seize my property, and curtail all of my Constitutionally  protected rights, all in the name of fighting some nebulous enemy and protecting me… so they say.

Our government has done more damage to America than 19 rag-headed radicals ever could have dreamed. Nice work,  America.

Live free or die!



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