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Union Economics

You think that Unions help the economy?  I’m so sick of this union crap.

I guess I’m some sort of hypocrite of sorts.  I mean, I didn’t mind the union flexing their muscles as long as I was making a profit.  Yes I’m a member, along with everyone who works at my hospital.  It’s mandatory to be a member as long as you work as a nurse in the great liberal state of Oregon.  We’re currently in the throws of negotiation for a new contract.  Most of my liberal friends are all hunky dory saying, “it’s ok, they are doing their best.”  It’s a lot like them saying, “It’s ok, he can be a crappy leader and a failure, he can totally destroy this country, after all, I won’t appear as a racist for not voting for the black guy.”  Here in Oregon, we are required to be part of the union.  The liberals are ok with taking a contract that sucks because they think it’s politically correct and perfectly fine to take a terrible deal in order to support “the union.”  I don’t think the same way.

I came from Alabama to Oregon and made a fourteen dollar an hour pay bump to be part of a unionized hospital.  That was then, the days of Bush.  Now with the great union supporter and  community organizer  in power, we are getting a lot less. Today, we (unionized nurses) in Oregon are getting paid considerably less than our non-union counterparts back in Alabama and Florida.  It forces me to wonder why I am still getting paid less than a nurse in Alabama … and also paying a huge part of my take home pay towards union dues?

To make matters worse, I just tuned into the union negotiations update.  They are all happy that they have nearly come to an agreement.  They are willing to accept a 6% decrease in nursing wages to go into effect over the next three years. You call that “a deal.”   We are getting a pay cut of 6% to take effect over the next three years…hmmm.  And my friends back in Alabama are getting a (minimum) three percent pay increase each and every year.  They get another “merit based” three percent pay bump based on their evaluation and how hard they work.

It makes me think of another question… what are unions good for?


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