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Coming to a Town Near You


Coming to a town near you…

Don’t like carrying that gun because it’s uncomfortable? Don’t take it every time you leave the house? Don’t carry it because the building says “no guns”?  or “gun free zone?”   Just imagine being trapped in this situation with no means of defense. Trapped with terrorists dragging you out and asking questions from the Koran and shooting you in the head if you answered wrong.  They were killing everyone they deemed “non-Muslim”  by shooting them.  Women, children,  infants…  Horrifying.

And all our liberal friends still inisist that these are “the moderates” and mean no harm to any of us.  They are following “the religion of peace”… yea right.  Go on and believe that.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.42.29 PM 

Call me a hate-monger,  but I predict,  because of our own liberal attitudes, and because of our liberal lawmakers think that they can pass more  laws and it will make us all safer…  this will soon happen more regularly here in America.  You say that this was Africa and couldn’t possibly happen here in the United States.   But it has happened.   We already had a Muslim with a simple pressure cooker and a few household items construct a bomb at the Boston marathon.  It’s already against the law to do this… not to mention that really big law of “thou shalt not kill.”

There are already communities here in America that are practicing Sharia Law.  They are petitioning our government to be “exempt” from the government of the United States based on religious freedom.

We just don’t learn.  They will continue to attack highly popular and highly advertised events in our society (such as the Boston Marathon).   The only way to end this with the least possible loss of life is to insist that we, as Americans will not be victims.  We need to send a clear signal that you attempt to do harm, you will not be sent to a lavish prison with full medical and an embossed Koran, complete with staff willing to cater to your every religions need.  Instead, you will be killed.

I for one will be carrying my sidearm whenever possible.  And if I feel threatened,  I will not hesitate and I won’t lose a wink of sleep over it.


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