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I’m guessing she ain’t your first wife…

My friend said, he asked his wife to “peel half the potatoes in the bag and put them in the pot of water.”
A friend sent me this.  It made me laugh out loud.  He said he had just had just gotten married and asked his  new wife to cook.  I found it funny and slightly reminiscent to my early days of marriage when my own lovely bride attempted to cook.

 I grew up in a fishing community.  The men-folk all went out on fishing boats.  They were out from one to three weeks at a time.  The guys all learned to cook.  The new guy on the boat was usually the one who had to cook and clean.  A typical method of working up the chain or rite of passage until you are no longer considered “the new guy.”   Then everyone rotated the cooking.  If you couldn’t cook, you were soon unemployed.  Most guys who worked the boats, favored stews, casseroles and one pot meals… for obvious reasons.

I marred “outside the community” because I couldn’t see myself doing this kind of work forever.  I went to college where I met my first wife… the one that I’m still marred to.  We’ve been marred for  27 years and yes,  I still do all of the cooking.


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