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Obamacare for Dummies

There has  been a lot said just recently about the new Obama health care law.  They have been issues and speeches and several marathon filibuster events in both the house and the senate.  This law has been passed and in now the law  of the land.  We are going to have socialized healthcare and we had better get use to it.

As a libertarian, most of my nursing friends are saying, “hey, I bet this really scalds you… having to stomach this Obama-care being passed.”   You know, I don’t really care.    The people that actually got out there and campaigned for this bill (now law) and the people that actually voted for Obama based on the promise that he would pass this health care package will most assuredly be the ones that are scalded.   Like most liberals, they are expecting something for nothing.  I say, they are in for a big surprise.

The real reason Obama insists upon making the young and healthy buy insurance they don’t want is not the relatively minor free rider problem but the potentially ruinous adverse selection problem: The most expensive patients are the ones who are most likely to sign up for coverage. To keep the official 10-year price tag of his plan below that magical $1 trillion threshold, he needs to balance sick people who rack up big bills with healthy people who pay for insurance but don’t use it. Instead of acknowledging this reality, Obama portrays the healthy uninsured as irresponsible leeches.



Yup, here is a dose of reality for all those idealistic young folks who voted for Obama without a real clue of what he was actually planning, he just views you as a money source he can leech off to support his socialist policies.

Welcome to the farm comrade.       h/t to jeffli6 in Politics


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