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Stupid is as stupid does….


How True

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” 

George Carlin


“Domestic Terrorist?”

  No surprise here. What is surprising is the example they give of ‘Large Amounts’:



An example photo of a “weapons cache” included in a Department of Homeland Security and FBI bulletin to law enforcement. Photo via MaineState Police

A joint bulletin issued in early August by the Department of Homeland Security and FBI warns state and local law enforcement agencies to look out for people in possession of “large amounts” of weapons and ammunition, describing the discovery of “unusual amounts” of weapons as a potential indicator of criminal or terrorist activity.

Citing the example of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who reportedly “stockpiled approximately 12,000 pounds of precursors, weapons, and armor and hid them underground in remote, wooded locations,” the bulletin instructs law enforcement to look for “large amounts of weapons, ammunition, explosives, accelerants, or explosive precursor chemicals” that “could indicate pre-operational terrorist attack planning or criminal activity.” Weapons do not have to be “cached” in remote locations to meet the standard for suspicious activity. According to the bulletin, weapons could be stored in an “individual’s home, storage facility, or vehicle” and may include common firearms such as “rifles, shotguns, pistols” as well as “military grade weapons.” The illegal possession of large amounts of ammunition is also listed as a potential indicator of “criminal weapons possession related to terrorism.” While the bulletin never clarifies what constitutes a “large” or “unusual” quantity of weapons or ammunition, it does say that such a quantity would “arouse suspicion in a reasonable person.”  (From Jim22)

Read more at Public Intelligence

I just purchased a new gun safe for my hew house.  I have a  storage container at a storage facility near my old house in St. Helens. Today, I went to my storage and brought back my favorite rocking chair for my front porch.  I also got most of my guns and a small portion of my ammo.  I have quite a large number of firearms.  The exact number, I will not disclose.  But I will tell you that I was once a class III dealer. Back when George Bush started putting the pressure on  small gun dealers, I gave up my license and told the BATF that my inventory was now converted to “private firearms.”  Needless to say, (a lot like my liberal friends) I too have very  little respect for our former President. 

Anyhow, I have a few guns.  I collect guns.  I mean,  in a troubled economy, they just happen to be a really fantastic investment.  I have some that have increased several thousand percent since their purchase.  For example, I purchased a gun back in 1988 for $400 dollars.  Today, the same gun prices out at $24,000 bucks.  I challenge anything in the stock market to do that.  Ammo is also skyrocketing.  I bought 2000 rounds ten years ago for $9 bucks for a box of 50 rounds.  Today, the best Wal-Mart price is $37 bucks for a box of 20.  It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that this is a great investment.  So this is probably the real reason why I collect.  But really, I have quite a few guns…  yeah, a lot more than what’s in this picture from the Department of Homeland Security.  People with guns like what’s pictured, are now considered “domestic terrorists.”  

I am deeply offended.  I am a good American.  I obey the laws.  I am a member of the Sheriff’s department Search and Rescue.  I have passed an FBI background check (more than once)… and I am still considered a terrorist simply because I like to collect firearms. 

It’s simply amazing that what this once great country has become.

One Year Check-up



  Well, it’s been a calendar year since my heart attack.  I went in to see my cardiologist for the “one year check up.”   He said that I was doing “pretty good.”  I thought, “Hmmm, pretty good?”  That sounds like he is unhappy about something, like when you get a B- on your English Ligature test.  My mom was an actual English teacher, by the way.  She’d say, “how did you make a B- on your report card?… all you had to do was read the book and tell about what you read.  I mean, just answer the questions about the book.  It’s not like you couldn’t get the book.  William Shakespeare has been around for quite some time… blah, blah.  Well, it sounded like that, but this time it was a little different.  I couldn’t die from Shakespeare-anemia. I could die from another heart attack, however.  So I decided to probe.  I found out that, although I had changed my diet, my exercise, and my lifestyle,  I hadn’t changed my cholesterol levels that much.  My doctor said that my level was “way too high.”  I said, “but I hadn’t had any significant cardiac issues for a whole year.  Doesn’t that count for anything?”   He looked stern like when my mom holds her Shakespeare book, and he said, “no,  not really.  Unless you get your cholesterol down, you could easily have another event.”  I said, “well, how about you just increase my meds a little more?”  He frowned even more,  “you are already on several drugs and the ones that count, they are at the maximum dose already.  There’s really nothing else I can think to do.”  Oh this is bad, I thought.  I mean, it never occurred to me that I was already at the maximum.  I always thought that you could simply get something else.  Like when you get a headache, you can get Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, or whatever to get the problem fixed.  I sometimes take a Goody’s Powder  for migraine headaches.  They aren’t made here in this country.  I have them imported from Alabama.  Anyhow, he said that it wasn’t possible.  He kept blathering on about “rules of six” and some other nonsense.  He had to do a blood draw, so I had to be NPO . That means that I couldn’t pre-medicate for my A.D.D. issue a couple of cups of high octane coffee.  As a result, I was incapable of listening after the first ten minutes.  I did perk up when he said that he had some “brand new meds” that he considered  “very exciting.”  I looked up, “what was that about a new med?”   He said,  “Well, if you weren’t listening… I said that there is a new experimental drug that has just been released for human trials.  It has proven ‘very exciting’ results with lowering cholesterol in primates.  You will be among the first to test this new drug.  I said, “hey, sign me up!  If it’s good for the primates, it’s good enough for me.” 

So I got the official packet and my paperwork.  It was a real book of papers.  There was a 17 page consent that I had to sign.  I had less paperwork in selling my last house.  I thought, “surely this couldn’t be dangerous… I wonder if I might be signing away something important… like my liver…”

The doctor said, “it’s time for your physical… will you come with me?”   I got up and went into the exam room where I was poked, prodded, stood on one foot, then the other, closed my eyes and hopped and jumped.  I ran on the treadmill, and jumped rope and did more tricks and tests for the next two hours.  Eventually, I was done and was allowed to get dressed and complete my “testing.”  I spent the next 20 minutes signing the paperwork and then I was allowed to go home. 

The doctor said that I had done very well, and was overall pretty healthy. 

I will start my new monkey-med next week!

It’s Still Bush’s Fault !

Blame Bush 2014

In honor of the spectacular Obamacare rollout…..NOT!

Racism in America



I’ve been away  for a while. I mean, I have taken a brief “news feed holiday.”  I have a heart condition and, without  a doubt, the democrats and the silliness that goes on in Washington, makes my blood pressure go way up.  In the interim, I’ve tried to write an occasional non-news related story. 

Anyhow, I tuned in to the news today.  The first thing that hit my browser was a story about a pregnant white woman who was beaten severely by seven black youths.  Five of which were women.  Witnesses say she was stopped at a red light. When it turned green, the youths started walking across the street.  They got right in the middle of the road and stopped to talk among themselves.  The lady beeped the horn.  The youths suddenly became furious and attacked her, dragging her from her car and started beating and kicking her in the middle of the street.  As a result, she sustained a subdural hematoma,  a punctured lung, several broken bones, and she lost her baby.  Did anyone go to jail?… nope.  Did any liberal get outraged “at the injustice?”…nope.  Did Eric Holder (or anyone for that matter) press for “hate crimes?”… nope.   Is anyone upset at the very least over this horrible crime, besides me?… nope. 

I tell you, if it would have been a group of white people beating any pregnant black woman nearly to death, we would have never heard the end of this. It would be on every television and radio channel across the nation for weeks.  It would be called a “hate crime” and lawyers would be lining up to prosecute.  Our President would say it reminded him of “his own child.” 

When I saw this, it made me think.  When was the last actual news story of a group of white people beating any black person for no apparent reason?   The last one that I could find was Rodney King in California back in 1991.  Then I looked up just how many black on white crimes occur in this country.   There were literally thousands.  Here’s just a few of what hit my list.

 Group of black men beat white man

Man beaten with baseball bat

Black Men Caught On Tape Brutally Beating White Man

black youths beat white couple

Two Black women beat up white woman in a McDonalds

Black Mob Beat White Pregnant Women and Her Husband

Pregnant White Woman Brutally Beaten By Black Family

  After all of this, I took a glass of Merlot and let this digest a bit.  After a while, I thought…hey, am I becoming more liberal?  I’m starting to say what the liberals have been blathering for years.  I think we have a serious racism problem in this country.  We also have a severe problem with guns in this country. We also have a problem  with violence in this country. 

The big difference, between me and the liberals, is that the problems are not with the law abiding citizens in this country.  Roughly 94% of the gun violence in this country is happening in Chicago, New Orleans,   Detroit, and the in the most densely populated black communities.   Gun violence is practically non-existent in white communities even though they have a large number of white citizens who own guns.  Oh yea,  they also obey the law.  But the liberals are clamoring to take guns from these very people.  When Traavon Martin was shot, it became a political circus, but no one ever said anything about the 109 average deaths per day of blacks killing other blacks in this country… Why don’t the liberals say anything?

It’s clearly obvious that we have a racism problem in this country.  Black people hate white people. Not the other way around.   Black people can kill with reckless abandon and no one seems to care.  The media is scared to even report the violence at all. Police can’t arrest.  They can’t even ask questions.  In New York they recently had a law repealed that police could “stop and check” anyone.   They say it was because the police were “racial profiling” poor black men.  If, and when a cop stops me and asks me pointed questions,  I show him my ID and my concealed carry permit.  I tell him that I have a firearm on my right hip. While he is calling it in,  I don’t make any quick or sudden moves.  He asks a few more questions and I answer completely and as politely as possible.  Eventually we part ways.  I have carried a side arm for over 30 years.  I’ve been shot at on more than one occasion but I’ve never shot anyone.  I am a NRA certified instructor, I am very careful and I practice regularly.  The problem in New York is that most of the black youths, also carry.  But some are felons and many carrying illegally.  For any officer of the law to stop and ask, would still be considered “profiling.” 

 Yes, we have a problem with guns in this country, and we have a problem with violence in this country.  It doesn’t matter if these black youths were shorted in a crack deal,  need some money from a 7-11 store, or simply angry with a young white woman for honking her horn.  Young black criminals who carry guns, have no hesitation at all when they think to shoot someone.   Everyone in the media and in politics are terrified with calling them out on this.   I’ve got a solution… how about we stop the racism?  Lets, for once, treat everyone equally.  Lets arrest, prosecute, and treat everyone fairly.  Lets not have some people who are blamed, and some who are considered so special they not checked at all.  Lets take a page from the late Martin Luther King.   “Lets not judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Lets remember that “all men were created equal.”


Edit thi


I’ve been reading a lot about bullying lately.  Yesterday on the news, I read about a girl who suffered “cyber bullying” from another girl and committed suicide.  Our Congress is working up some new laws about bullying,  laws mandating new and improved anti bullying programs and the local district attorney is working up criminal charges against the parents of the bullying girl.  I say totally ridiculous. 

 First off,  it is totally tragic that this little girl committed suicide.  But she evidently had some mental health issues to start.  In my day, this girl would have gone and found this bully girl and pulled her hair out.  I mean totally mess up her little face with some road gravel.  Of course, that’s back in Alabama.  I forget that here in the civilized world, we have fancy “anti-bullying programs”  Well, these programs are not working.  On the contrary, they are causing more bullying than ever.

 As far as I’m concerned,  “Anti-Bullying” Programs Are For Losers, Weaklings and P*ssies   And, oddly enough-they cause more bullying than not having these stupid human engineering programs in place. 

The best, and only effective “anti-bullying” program out there is:  simply kicking the living sh&t out of the bully so they never pick on you again.   That’s the way it was done back in my day and that’s the way it seems to hold true even today.

Funny Smell

unny Smell

Posted by jdtaylor on October 18, 2013


funny smell

  Now that I’ve cut back at work… I mean, part time (semi-retired).  In a small attempt to ward off the Alzheimer’s… I’ve decided to take a class in all my spare time.  I’m taking welding at our local community  college. (PCC).  This is not just any welding, this is welding with an oxygen-acetylene torch.  I can already weld the traditional way.  I can cut with a torch.  But I can’t weld with a torch. 

I thought welding was a skill that would come in handy some day.  Maybe along with my skills as a gunsmith,  blacksmith, auto mechanic, and nurse, I could be a person of value in the coming “Pock-e-lipse.” 

 When I had a large industrial size workshop, I had a Lincoln welder, a MIG (wire-feed) welder and a cutting torch.  Also, I had about three tons of scrap metal to create my artful projects.  Once we downsized to a townhome in town, I knew that I couldn’t keep about 70% of my shop supplies.  I gave my welding stuff to my oldest son who has just bought a new house.  He’s steady working to get his shop up to speed. 

I always knew you could weld with a torch, but I didn’t have the time to learn until now.   By the time I finish, I should be a master welder  (with a torch).  Strangely enough, this class is taught by a female.  After my first night, I rushed home to tell my wife.  She said, “what does she look like?… should I be concerned?”   I laughed and said that she was the hottest woman welder that I have ever laid eyes on.  My wife sniffed like she was actually a little jealous.  But truthfully, this woman was the hottest woman welder ever.  To explain, she could have looked like the back end of a dump truck and still have been the  hottest female welder.  My reason, she’s quiet possibly the only female welder I have ever laid eyes on in my life.  I mean, women just don’t go into that profession… ever.  Oh well, my loving wife has nothing to fear… but it’s still fun to torment her a bit.    

 Anyhow, we were to pair up so we could check each other’s work.  I got this guy who wasn’t the brightest.  Our teacher told us that welding is not a skill, it’s an art.  You can’t just turn it on and weld.  You have to use your senses to do this.  You have to smell the acetylene to make sure that is flowing at the proper rate.  You have to hear the hiss to make sure your oxygen is at the proper setting.  You have to look at the exact shade of yellow to make sure your fire is correct,  etc, etc.  My partner came over holding his hand and told me about “his accident” not five minutes after she had her speech.    As a nurse and a guy that was old enough to be his father, I was feeling a little responsible… “tell me what happened.”  I demanded.  “Well, I was trying to utilize my senses, like she said.  I was listening and smelling and looking at the pretty yellow flame.  When I thought the flame was just right, I  started heating my metal.  Then all of a sudden, I thought, ‘hey, that’s a new strange smell’.  Then my hand started hurting really bad.  Apparently that ‘Bar-B-Q’  smell was my leather glove burning through.  I didn’t realize that the metal plate would heat this far to the end.  It’s burnt pretty bad.  It still hurts even after I dipped it, glove and all into the quenching tank.. do you think she’ll be mad?”  

“Crap… You dunked your hand into that nasty water?… lets have a look…”  

 Damn… I’m a nurse even on the night that I want to be a welder

Plaid Pantry

Plaid Pantry


This is a little off topic to what I normally talk about.  But, found the incident a little funny and I want to vent about it.  Yesterday I was on my way home from work and I stopped at the only convenience store within miles of my hospital.  This one Plaid Pantry is two blocks from the ER and services everyone in the area.  They have a monopoly, but who cares.  They are open 24 hours and, in comparison to going off of the hill and into Portland proper, it is pretty damn convenient. 

Anyway, I was on my way home after a long day and I thought,  “hey, I’m pretty damn thirsty… as a matter of fact, I’m as dry as a chip.  I think I’m gonna stop at the only store in the neighborhood and get a Mountain Dew for the drive home.” 

I pulled into the store parked, locked the door and walked up to the door.  I didn’t notice, but there were about 6 disheveled looking people grouped around the doors.  “excuse me,” I said and I elbowed around them and pushed on the door.  Much to my shock and dismay, the doors were locked.  I shook them just to check.  Then the other people standing around all started to snicker and laugh.  “Hey dufas, can’t you read?   The sign says ‘closed’… duh.”  I looked down and clearly saw a hand scrawled sign duct taped to the inside of the door… grrr.  I turned around and stomped back to my car.  As I was getting in that same guy said, “Hey, he’s coming back in a minute…. just wait around like us.”  So I turned on the radio to Lars Larson and listened while I checked my mail on my phone. 

Sure enough, about five minutes later, they guy showed up and unlocked the door.  The people flooded in to get their pick of Slim Jims,  Cheetos,  cigarettes, or maybe even a Mtn Dew.    I got out of the car and walked in.  After the unexpected wait, I was even more thirsty and I got my drink from the cooler and took a sip right there.  It was a sweet nectar that I haven’t sampled in many months.  Mmmm.

 Before I knew it, I was at the counter and facing the man with the brown hat.  He watched me take a long sip on my Mtn Dew and frowned.  I threw down a $20 and took another sip.  He counted back my change and said, “anything else?”   I looked back and said, “yea… I thought this place was open twenty four hours…. like,  I mean, it shouldn’t ever close.  Isn’t that what twenty-four hours means?” 

He smiled and said, “not all in a row.”

Thought for the Day


I guess Congress passed the spending plan.  They, yet again, raised the debt limit.   They sold out to the Liberals … yet again.   The Republicans have no spine… truly sad.

We always hear about Social Security running out of money.

How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money?

My comment?

We are “SO” screwed…

Only One Day Left!


Only two days until the “end of the world” as we know it.  Doom,  I say!   I mean … really?  Are we going to implode if we don’t make our budget by the end of the debt debate?  The Republicans say we need to spend less. We need to balance our budget.   Democrats say we need to raise the spending limit.  I see  both sides.  If we just cut spending, the seniors who are on Medicare will get screwed out of some of their benefits and the welfare crowd will erupt into an all out riot.   It would b e like taking candy from a baby… except with guns.  The Democrats want to increase our spending limit.  To merely increase the limit would be like getting yet another credit card because you happen to be behind on your mortgage.  That simply won’t float either.  Sooner or later you will have to pay your debts, be it the mortgage company or all those credit cards.

Our President, as well as the major news media outlets all tell us, with great fanfare, that the US government has “never” defaulted on its debts. Unfortunately, this is just plain wrong. They overlook the very significant defaults of  war of 1812,  1862, 1933 and, most recently, 1979.    OK, we’re about to default.  Lets face it, this country was born in default.  I mean, after the “American Revolution” we owed a ton of money to France.  Do you think they saw anything?   We won our independance from England and we spent every cent available to do it. We were free, but we were also dead broke.  That’s just the way it was. 

I love looking this stuff up.  Wikipedia is simply the best.  Anyhow,  “default” is not a “never word.”   Just prior to 1933, US Treasury bonds were promises to pay gold at $20.67/oz. Yet one of the first acts of the Franklin D. Roosevelt was to revoke this promise. After 1935, foreigners were paid in paper dollars they could redeem for gold. But unfortunately, the paper currency was worth just that… paper.

The government did not just default on its own Treasury obligations, it took the entire US economy down with it by imposing a similar default on private borrowers.

During the Civil War, the Federal government financed many of its expenses with “United States Notes,” or “Greenbacks”. These were, like private banknotes, promises to pay lawful money on demand, which initially meant gold at $20.67 an ounce or silver at $1.29 an ounce.  All paid at the government’s discretion… which was whenever.

Throughout 1861, the Treasury kept its promise to pay gold on demand. However, at the end of 1861, it announced it would suspend redemption effective Jan. 1, 1862. Greenbacks began to circulate at a discount relative to gold, and were made legal tender in the interim.   Government bonds were still available, but holders of greenbacks never got their promised value until 1879.

It could be said that Greenbacks issued after February 1862 were merely promises to pay at the government’s earliest convenience. So the government was not technically in default, even if they didn’t  realize it would take 17 years to collect.  However, the greenbacks issued during 1861 clearly defaulted.

So, contrary to the “chicken little” Democrats harping on the television, a Treasury default next week would not be unprecedented, it would clearly be detrimental to the Treasury’s credit rating. With a national debt in excess of $16 trillion, an added 100

points to the loans, the Treasury will have to pay an additional $160 billion per year to its annual deficit.   So the Congress (and Obama)  should therefore make every effort not to default.

We will have some serious issues with our credibility and also to the economy if we default.  On the other hand, most private businesses, and most Americans, for that matter, have been saving money, food and ammo for a rainy day ever since Obama was first elected.  I think it’s just now hitting home for many.

As I see it, our government leaders have spent themselves into a hole.  They have given away so much “free stuff” to the their constituents that there is no easy way out of this.  We are in for some troubled times and in the end, our country will likely slide into a state of condition to equal that of Mexico.

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