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I am now in the 1% !


Whenever I get depressed, I cut myself.... a big slice of cake!

Welp, I’ve done it!   I’m in the one percent.   In the blog world, or shall we say the internet world,  it is known that a lot of the information is passed around  and around and re-blogged, or re-used.  Pictures make the rounds many thousands of times once posted to the internet.  After all, once you post it, it’s public information.  A lot of people feel a need to take your information and re-post it again and again.    They say that, for all of the information assimilated through out the entire planet, only one percent is original material.  That said, only one percent of all of the bloggers, editors, writers, journalists, free thinkers in the world, has ever posted five hundred original posts or more.

I have re-blogged some.  I have used some material from other websites.  I have somewhere in the neighborhood of  827 articles.  But as far as  original articles written just hit the magic number of 500!   I am now part of the one percent.  I have contributed to the world a portion of my thoughts and ramblings,  and it actually counts and it actually makes an impact  toward changing of the world!


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