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Passwords… not again!


Change Password


I don’t know about the rest of you out there in digital land, but I have a complaint.(more so than usual).   When I inadvertently let my work password run its course until it actually expired,  I must have accidentally twisted the teat of the karma goddess in charge of passwords.  For I suddenly discovered when I got home and logged onto my computer, I had several passwords that also had expired.  Not little insignificant passwords like Woman’s Day magazine or Popular Mechanics.  It was stuff like my web host, Go-Daddy and my bank, Chase… Arrrgh!

I realize that passwords are a necessity in these days of all the wacko’s out in cyber space who have nothing to do but torment me.

But I have sooooo  many passwords.  I have passwords for everything.  Some passwords are to sites that I feel couldn’t  possibly compromise my security.  For example, if you like to log in to Woman’s Day magazine and read recipes, you need a user name and password.

I don’t really even understand  why they need to know who I am.  I’m not buying anything.  I’m just browsing their free website.

There are also some things I just can’t see why anyone would even be interested in obtaining the information.  Like if I go to a website to calculate my BMI and tell me how overweight I am, without a name…but I need a user name and password.  Why?  And why would anyone else ever want to know my BMI?  I mean, really.

Do they think there are hackers  targeting the overweight people?  Are they going to somehow link my username, which isn’t in an way associated with my email and spam me with diet ads?  Or will they assume that, if I’m overweight, I must shop online, and hope to get a credit card number?  If so, they will be sadly disappointed when they try to buy anything and are declined.  I’m not exactly Donald Trump you know.

So instead of working up some great editorial masterpiece, I’m stuck here working up a new password. I gotta think up something that no one can find and hack, yet my feeble mind can still remember and it will also meet the criteria of the facilities that demand it.  So the big ones,   like my bank, my provider, and my internet server require a pretty complex password… but all different so if one place is hacked, they won’t be able to also get into my other important stuff.

Dang-it… I had already used that one.  I think this will take a while.


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