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Plaid Pantry

Plaid Pantry


This is a little off topic to what I normally talk about.  But, found the incident a little funny and I want to vent about it.  Yesterday I was on my way home from work and I stopped at the only convenience store within miles of my hospital.  This one Plaid Pantry is two blocks from the ER and services everyone in the area.  They have a monopoly, but who cares.  They are open 24 hours and, in comparison to going off of the hill and into Portland proper, it is pretty damn convenient. 

Anyway, I was on my way home after a long day and I thought,  “hey, I’m pretty damn thirsty… as a matter of fact, I’m as dry as a chip.  I think I’m gonna stop at the only store in the neighborhood and get a Mountain Dew for the drive home.” 

I pulled into the store parked, locked the door and walked up to the door.  I didn’t notice, but there were about 6 disheveled looking people grouped around the doors.  “excuse me,” I said and I elbowed around them and pushed on the door.  Much to my shock and dismay, the doors were locked.  I shook them just to check.  Then the other people standing around all started to snicker and laugh.  “Hey dufas, can’t you read?   The sign says ‘closed’… duh.”  I looked down and clearly saw a hand scrawled sign duct taped to the inside of the door… grrr.  I turned around and stomped back to my car.  As I was getting in that same guy said, “Hey, he’s coming back in a minute…. just wait around like us.”  So I turned on the radio to Lars Larson and listened while I checked my mail on my phone. 

Sure enough, about five minutes later, they guy showed up and unlocked the door.  The people flooded in to get their pick of Slim Jims,  Cheetos,  cigarettes, or maybe even a Mtn Dew.    I got out of the car and walked in.  After the unexpected wait, I was even more thirsty and I got my drink from the cooler and took a sip right there.  It was a sweet nectar that I haven’t sampled in many months.  Mmmm.

 Before I knew it, I was at the counter and facing the man with the brown hat.  He watched me take a long sip on my Mtn Dew and frowned.  I threw down a $20 and took another sip.  He counted back my change and said, “anything else?”   I looked back and said, “yea… I thought this place was open twenty four hours…. like,  I mean, it shouldn’t ever close.  Isn’t that what twenty-four hours means?” 

He smiled and said, “not all in a row.”


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