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“Domestic Terrorist?”

  No surprise here. What is surprising is the example they give of ‘Large Amounts’:



An example photo of a “weapons cache” included in a Department of Homeland Security and FBI bulletin to law enforcement. Photo via MaineState Police

A joint bulletin issued in early August by the Department of Homeland Security and FBI warns state and local law enforcement agencies to look out for people in possession of “large amounts” of weapons and ammunition, describing the discovery of “unusual amounts” of weapons as a potential indicator of criminal or terrorist activity.

Citing the example of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who reportedly “stockpiled approximately 12,000 pounds of precursors, weapons, and armor and hid them underground in remote, wooded locations,” the bulletin instructs law enforcement to look for “large amounts of weapons, ammunition, explosives, accelerants, or explosive precursor chemicals” that “could indicate pre-operational terrorist attack planning or criminal activity.” Weapons do not have to be “cached” in remote locations to meet the standard for suspicious activity. According to the bulletin, weapons could be stored in an “individual’s home, storage facility, or vehicle” and may include common firearms such as “rifles, shotguns, pistols” as well as “military grade weapons.” The illegal possession of large amounts of ammunition is also listed as a potential indicator of “criminal weapons possession related to terrorism.” While the bulletin never clarifies what constitutes a “large” or “unusual” quantity of weapons or ammunition, it does say that such a quantity would “arouse suspicion in a reasonable person.”  (From Jim22)

Read more at Public Intelligence

I just purchased a new gun safe for my hew house.  I have a  storage container at a storage facility near my old house in St. Helens. Today, I went to my storage and brought back my favorite rocking chair for my front porch.  I also got most of my guns and a small portion of my ammo.  I have quite a large number of firearms.  The exact number, I will not disclose.  But I will tell you that I was once a class III dealer. Back when George Bush started putting the pressure on  small gun dealers, I gave up my license and told the BATF that my inventory was now converted to “private firearms.”  Needless to say, (a lot like my liberal friends) I too have very  little respect for our former President. 

Anyhow, I have a few guns.  I collect guns.  I mean,  in a troubled economy, they just happen to be a really fantastic investment.  I have some that have increased several thousand percent since their purchase.  For example, I purchased a gun back in 1988 for $400 dollars.  Today, the same gun prices out at $24,000 bucks.  I challenge anything in the stock market to do that.  Ammo is also skyrocketing.  I bought 2000 rounds ten years ago for $9 bucks for a box of 50 rounds.  Today, the best Wal-Mart price is $37 bucks for a box of 20.  It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that this is a great investment.  So this is probably the real reason why I collect.  But really, I have quite a few guns…  yeah, a lot more than what’s in this picture from the Department of Homeland Security.  People with guns like what’s pictured, are now considered “domestic terrorists.”  

I am deeply offended.  I am a good American.  I obey the laws.  I am a member of the Sheriff’s department Search and Rescue.  I have passed an FBI background check (more than once)… and I am still considered a terrorist simply because I like to collect firearms. 

It’s simply amazing that what this once great country has become.


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