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Some Spooky Beers

Well, Halloween is over.  Since I moved into town, I was half expecting some “trick or treaters.”  I mean, when I lived in the country, I had miles to my nearest neighbor.  Now I’m in town and there are neighbors all around me.  People are walking down the street in front of my place literally all the time.  Surely I would get some people who were interested in stopping and picking up some free candy.  I mean, 57% of the population in this country is getting free stuff from the government.  More people are on welfare and food stamps than have full time jobs in this country.  Yep, a sad fact.  So, naturally I expected there would be a bunch of people wanting free candy.  Much to my surprise, I was wrong.  I got about five kids.  All of which were under five years old.

I got home from work, took a shower and got into my bath robe and sat on the porch.  I wanted to have a costume like a “grumpy old man.”   That way, it would be really easy to play the part.  Anyhow, I had a beer and watched the passer-by’s.

A nice way to spend the evening.


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