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Calling it Quits



This is probably not advisable from my sponsors.  They will most likely pull what little funding I get. I’m surely going to cut my audience considerably with this post.  Oh well,  life sucks sometimes.   I’m seriously considering shutting down the site for good. 

 It was pretty fun at first, but I’m growing tired of hundreds stupid e-mails I get every day.  I’ve gotten e-mails about why I shouldn’t quit working. (not that I ever said that I was going to actually quit).  I have gotten e-mails about how I am “a gun nut.” (although I that I feel that the US Constitution is a not being respected in the least by our politicians) I have even gotten a slew of e-mails about how I  ”disrespect our President,” and conservatives, “Tea Party people,” Libertarians, (and people like me),  “are horrible” for thinking that welfare in this country should be reformed and that people should put in an honest day’s work for the money that they get.   I don’t care what you think,  a Government handout is not considered a job,  nor is it an income that anyone should live off of indefinitely.  I have so many people that e-mail me with comments that don’t even make sense.  I try really hard to answer most of my e-mails.  Well, the ones that are not total kooks.  Many, I don’t even know how to begin to respond. 

 When I started this blog, I assumed that most people were working with, at least at a 6th grade level.  My rationale was that  a lot of people in America read a newspaper on a regular basis.  Be it the New York Times, or The Wall Street Journal, or just some crappy local paper (like the Oregonian), most people still read a little bit for their local news from the paper.  Did you know, in America, that all newspapers currently in print are written at a 6th grade reading level?  True!  This was established as a standard  in the early 70′s.  They figure that they could  capture the broadest audience and also the greatest income this way.  

 Sadly, I discovered that just because most people read at a certain level, they are not thinking at the same level.  Yep, there are a lot of incredibly stupid people in this sad world.  I falsely assumed that everyone reading my mad scribbling were greater then the average intelligence.  I had some disillusionment that I could somehow, draw intellectuals to a discussion of current topics and, possibly make significant changes to the world by changing a one narrow mind at a time.  I was wrong again.  I talk a lot about the military and Afghanistan  because my oldest son was stationed there.  Did you know that 51% of the people in America don’t know the difference between Afghanistan and Australia on a map?  Yep… True! 

 Now I don’t intend to offend, but if you have written me an e-mail lately about gun control,  Obama Care,   or anything about George Bush,  or even how incredibly “handsome” our President is,  you just might be one of the people that I’m talking about.  I’m sorry.  I try to appeal to those who vote.  I also try to talk to those who seem to care about the future of our country and our children.  If you log on to my site when there is a commercial break in your usual MTV show,  “Bad Grampa,” or “Jackass,”  please don’t even bother to send me any e-mails. 

 Please just go and tune back to  MTV, the Kardashians,  Jersey Shore, or whatever drivel you might  be getting from your television. 

 Besides…  What contributions have they made to society that makes them a “must follow” celebrity?  I can’t fathom.  On a side note… Has anyone of you ever seen  Idiocracy the movie.  If you haven’t and you just happen to be part of the 47%, please look it up on Netflix.  It’s meant to be a comedy,  but if you get past the science-fiction part about the military cryogenics experiment, it’s a strangely factual  representation of today’s America.  It’s a good flick for people who typically worry more about the path of our nation than who got “voted off the Island.” 

 I’ve gotten off track and I don’t know where I was going with this crazy rant… other than that I’m tired of putting up with stupid people and I’m thinking about shutting down the website.


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