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Having more time off has gotten me to thinking.  This alone has opened up a whole new can of worms.  Besides that fact that I’m taking classes at Portland Community College to learn something new and also to ward off Alzheimer’s, I seem to be coming up with an ever growing list of things I don’t really  understand.  Most of these questions are of which require and answer beyond descriptors such as assholes, morons,  jerk wads, and  liberals, to name a few.

I’ve been sitting on this list of imponderables for awhile now.

 In no particular order, and added to as time goes on.

  • Women and how they think
  • Putting a turn signal on after using the breaks
  • Tampons on the beach: is that really necessary?
  • Why is there is a tampon in the mall parking lot?
  • Driving too fast in a mall parking lot
  • The light’s green.  When are you going to go, moron!
  • Reading the paper or applying makeup while driving
  • How taking the opposite view of your country can somehow be construed as patriotic
  • ditto with desecrating the  Flag
  • Why things go wonky as soon as the warranty expires
  • Why golf balls are designed to curve to the right
  • How to get a linoleum floor shiny clean
  • Why we have to listen to other people’s conversations when we are trying to work
  • Why big, ugly spiders have to build their webs right near where you walk
  • Why you always get that very web across the middle of your face when you’re walking at night
  • How there can be 200+ channels and not a blessed thing is on but crap like “Jersey Shore”
  • Why liberals constantly undercut the country they say they love
  • Did I mention women?
  • People who get sea sick
  • How a never used room gets dusty
  • People who hate with a deep, personal passion… and yet they have never even met me
  • What you’re thinking that tailgating me will accomplish (other then making me go the posted speed limit)
  • How the extreme environmentalists can’t realize that their crazy actions harm what they are trying to do
  • Why Democrats are always such hypocrites
  • Why Liberals love petitions for everything
  • Why we put up with elected officials who do not really represent us, on either side
  • Why your obsession to clean,  somehow always involves me
  • Is Noah’s Ark really in the mountains of Iran
  • Is the Ark of the Covenant really in a small chapel in Ethiopia
  • How some people have a green thumb using the exact same water and sunlight I do
  • Why programming VCR’s and DVD players confuse some people
  • Why people actually listen to Gangsta Rap and like it
  • Today’s so called “rock” music
  • Why people ask me “se habla espanol?”
  • Why don’t you speak English? Or at least American
  • People who still complain about Bush taking away their civil liberties yet they support Obama and drone killings
  • People who cannot drive a traffic circle
  • Political pundits from either side who do not answer the question asked. Mostly liberals, though
  • People who have to use talking points to discuss anything. What’s the point?
  • People who use coupons at the supermarket on the busiest day possible
  • Having a strong conviction but being unable to back it up
  • Why people like to watch adults playing organized soccer
  • People who do not like hockey
  • Spinner hubcaps
  • Pants that are falling down around ones ass
  • What’s with carrying a towel around?
  • Wearing a baseball cap turned sideways
  • Why the makers of the Miracle Bra haven’t been sued for creating false advertisements. Think about it.
  • People who do not understand the difference between a Theory and a Law
  • Why Christina Aguilera is a “pop diva.” She has finally released her third studio album in seven years.
  • People who get emotional and cry over a football game… or any sport for that matter.

More to be added as time, and idiots, comes.


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