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The other day, I dropped my wife off at a furniture store.  Moseying around a furniture store listening about what goes with what and “does this color match this” is like having my teeth filed.  I went on to Barnes and Noble to find a book I wanted.  It was the new Charles Krauthammer book “Things That Matter.”  They snotty little girl at the counter said, “well sir, we just don’t have books like that.”  I was mortified.  “Hey, this is number one on the New York Times best seller list… and you don’t have it?”  She continued her attitude,  “no, we don’t carry books with that type of view.”  I was again renewed with amazement. Now I was starting to get angry.  I mean, this is censorship.  A breach in my first Amendment rights.  It makes me wonder if they have “1984” or “Fahrenheit 451, ” if they are going to be so obvious with their censorship.   I couldn’t believe that any, for profit company could be so selective based solely on political view.  She was insistent that “her company” did not carry books that “did not reflect the company’s values.”  So then I asked if I could pre-order the book “Miracles and Massacres” and have it shipped to my house.  The girl looked over her glasses and said in her most snotty voice, “you couldn’t mean that book by Glenn Beck?”

Anyway.  Still angered about my exchange with the book girl,   I continued to browse throughout the store, wasting time until my wife had finished her shopping and I could go pick her up.  Waiting for her call, I remembered that my brother in law had just had a new baby and I strolled over to the children’s section.

I  laughed out loud over this one.  They didn’t have Glenn Beck or Charles Krauthammer, but they had this!


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