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Medicaid Patients Are More Likely to Use the ER


 Yep, I knew it…  Medicaid patients are more likely to use (abuse) the ER than uninsured patients.  As a nurse, I concern myself about patients that are sick or otherwise in need of healthcare and can’t get help.  Contrary to what most Democrats say, in America, it seems that almost everyone that needs care, can get care.  The unfortunate truth is that a lot of people that don’t have a physician tend to wait until their sickness is serious, and then go to the emergency room.  I’ve worked as an ER nurse for ten years in an inner city hospital in Alabama.  I tell you that there are a lot of unhappy there.  Unlike at the DMV, we don’t just let people line up and get care, first come, first serve.  Gunshot wounds come before sniffles.  This, for some strange reason, causes harsh feelings.  None the less, poor people continue to flood the emergency rooms with minor issues.  The Obamacare plan was supposed to fix all that. 

The Democrats told us that it was important to expand Medicaid and provide subsidized insurance because the uninsured use the emergency room for minor ailments rather than going to the doctor. The liberal-line was that people put off getting medical treatment until it becomes a crisis and then they go to the ER as a last resort. Get them insurance, we were told, and expensive visits to the ER would decrease.

That, of course, was another untruth. It turns out that Medicaid patients are more likely than the uninsured to use the ER for the sniffles.

Naturally it was all bullshit. People who use the ER for minor ailments use it because they don’t have the self-discipline to find a doctor, establish a relationship, make an appointment and go to the office. Most of these people basically do nothing until they feel like crap and then go to a place where walk-ins are allowed and no doctor-patient relationship is required. The ER visit is all about convenience.  They use the ER like the McDonalds of healthcare… except with McDonalds, they make you pay before they hand over the big mac and fries. 

So now that Obamacare is the law of the land, once they get Medicaid, they are even more likely to go to the ER because they won’t be hounded by bill collectors.

Thanks to Obamacare and millions of new Medicaid patients, we can expect ERs to be even more crowded than ever, costs will increase and hassles will increase for those who use emergency rooms for actual emergency purposes. 

Thanks again Obama.

h/t to R.D. Walker


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