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A History Lesson

History Lesson

This might sound a bit racist as I tell it, but please bear with me.  The blacks in this country always, always vote  for the Democrats.  For the life of me, I can’t figure why.  The Democrats have been, and still are the founders of all of the racist ideals in this country.  The South (in the days of slavery)  was totally Democrat.  The grand Wizard of the KKK was Senator Robert Byrd, (Dem).  Any law, to this day, that is for preventing a poor black man (or woman) from getting a leg up and becoming independent, is sponsored by, written by, and promoted by the Democrats.  Abraham Lincoln (Republican),  with zero support from the Democrats, signed the law which freed the slaves.  And to this day, the Republicans continue to push for laws that get poor black people out of poverty and working on their own and prosperous.  It’s only the Democrats that, keep them “on the Plantation,”  by spoon-feeding them total dependence via welfare and government subsidies.  The only way to get ahead in this country is to work hard, get an education, and climb out.  There are numerous examples of poor black Americans that have started from abject poverty and climbed out to prosperity.  And they have done it without welfare, handouts from their “slave-masters,”  the Democrats.  Clarence Thomas,  Oprah Winfrey,  Condoleezza Rice, James Baldwin, George Washington Carver,  James Earl Jones,  and Martin Luther King Jr.,  just to name a few.  

  Unfortunately, the majority of Black Americans today choose the slavery of a perpetual handout and endless poverty of a free handout from the government instead of working towards higher education and a betterment of their personal, social and economic status.


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One thought on “A History Lesson

  1. louise taylor on said:

    This make more sense than anything I have read in awhile. Your gave an intelligent factual commentary

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