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Happy Valentines Day

Proper product placement pays

Yep, those store managers were young once.  Honestly, I hate Valentines day. 


It’s a holiday that always gets you into trouble.  The stores really take advantage of guys and you never know what to get or do for that day or it’s doom.  No matter what you do or buy, you’re usually always “in the doghouse” over it.  This store manager is optimistic to say the least.  I’m betting that Valentine’s day  rarely leads to romance for most men.  Most men pray to get through the day with as little difficulty as possible.  They all know if they really want romance, they have to be spontaneous and buy flowers or something that she likes and is not expexting, on a Friday night or whenever you feel you can drum up enough of a surprise for her.  The designated day is only for the merchants to dish out abuse and milk that dollar. I once heard that the day was originated by Hallmark to market their cards.  If that is true,  I wouldn’t be surprised. 

    I will probably get my little woman a card and take her out to a nice dinner,  but I’d do that any night.  I don’t like to be forced to do something,  just because it’s a “holiday.”  I’ll probably do it again in another week or so to make it  a surprise.  Who knows.  That’s just how it rolls.


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