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Can Stupid be contagious?

I know there is other bad things going on in this world but I still have to vent.
I was at work and was taking a break from my horrid GYN room to have a peaceful cup of coffee in the break room.  There were several of the nurses talking about the TV shows that they were watching.  “So and so did this and what’s his name did this…blah, blah…”   I don’t know the specifics, I wasn’t paying attention.  But I did perk up when one of them said “Kardashians.”   Not because I actually had any interest, I just couldn’t believe that anyone actually watched that drivel.  This nurse actually said she “couldn’t bear to miss a single episode,” and went on to tell me about the show against my will.  When I got home and told my wife about this conversation, she wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about.  I turned on the TV and was looking at the current events on Fox,  and  the wife takes control of the television.  She eventually found “The Kardshians.” 
Just five minutes of these idiots rattling on was too excruciating to bear. I settle into my Lazy-Boy to write a post on my website.  As the little woman watches this, I am having a hard time even hitting the accurate keys on the keyboard.  All of the mindless and immature babble in the background is seriously causing brain cramps.  As this latest episode plays out, I can actually feel the “brain atrophy” in progress.  

Now I know that Kim Kardashian is a decent looking female, but I grade on a different scale here.  I do take into account some semblance of a brain. There is absolute zero in the amount of functional grey matter going on in that pretty little head of hers, and her siblings, and especially the mother.   I can’t believe that they actually pay these people for this.
I think that this type of programming  is some form of Jedi mind trick that the progressives in La-La Land have come up with to destroy the normal thinking individual. I am hoping that as long as I don’t look directly at the TV,  I won’t be effected by whatever sorcery has been spun on my wife and the millions of others who watch this crap.

They really should have some kind of a public service warning that watching this show may cause lack of oxygen to the brain or could cause long term stupid…. you know, like what they put on the side of the cigarette packages.
If you notice any changes in my blogging please alert me and let me know that, yes, I have been effected by the sites and sounds emitting from these brainless twits. I’m still amazed that a fellow nurse, an educated individual, watches this.  I once thought that these viewers were the same as with



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