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And they’re bragging about it…..


One of the major things I dislike about living in Oregon is that the “Nanny State” meddles in the natural selection enough that these stupid people live long enough to reproduce, thus weakening the whole populace in this region. 

 Spring will be here in a few weeks.  Each and every Spring, there are many idiots who go hiking on Mt. Hood and get injured, trapped in an ice crevasse, or just lost.  They send out the search and rescue, sheriff’s department, and even the national guard.  They waste millions of dollars of tax revenue each year on these imbeciles  in Oregon.  

 When I lived in the Libertarian state of Montana, they simply had a sign that read, “Warning, road not maintained in the Winter.”  Or for popular trails, “Warning, hike at your own risk.”  And with this incredibly simple answer, the state saved millions of dollars and even more in potential lawsuits for silly issues such as improper moving of an injured patient,  not using enough resource in the search and thus causing frostbite to a hiker,  and insufficient training.  All of which were actual lawsuits filed on the behalf of hikers in peril.  … But, not in Montana.  This lack of sensitivity from the state has an added benefit… all the citizens of the great state of Montana are naturally self-sufficient.  To this day, I carry road flares, traction chains, extra food, water, emergency blanket, a first aid kit, and misc. seasonal emergency supplies in my car.  Everyone there does,  that’s just the way it is. 

  The people of Oregon never think of this sort of thing.  They know that, just like a mother of a unruly three year old, whatever trouble they get into, the state will come to bail them out.


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