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Great Idea: “DOD aims to scrap A-10 to keep F-35 alive in new budget”


The A-10 is an airplane designed around the 30mm Gatling gun in its nose. Ground troops love the support it provides. This is one more example of the incompetence of Obama’s Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and the inexperience of our commander in chief. 

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is unveiling the Pentagon’s proposed budget today—a budget that will dramatically scale back the size of the military. But in order to save the most sacred of cows in its ongoing modernization efforts, the Pentagon is proposing the elimination of what has arguably been the most effective combat aircraft in the Air Force’s inventory: the A-10 Thunderbolt II.

Known for its survivability, the A-10 is capable of flying with half a wing, one tail fin, one elevator, and one engine torn off.”

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This whole thing is on the verge of making my head explode.  My oldest son just came back from a tour in Afghanistan.  As an Army parent, I want the best in soldier protection.  If there is a plane that can shoot at the enemy (and really hurt them bad) all the while taking abuse and enemy fire… that’s what I want to protect my son.  I also want it done at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer. 

There is serious cronyism in this administration.   They have back room deals, under the table bargains,  and lots of palm greasing… all of which puts our soldiers at risk.  We already have “really cool” fighter jets in our American arsenal.  We have the F-22 Raptor, FA-18 Hornet, F-14 Tomcat, F-16 Falcon, F-15 Eagle,  and the  F-177 Nighthawk. They all do practically the same thing in slightly different ways.  The A-10 is the only jet specifically designed to be a troop support and tank killer. 

The cost of the new F-35 Lightning is $153 Million each.  The cost of the more versatile (and more useful) A-10 is only $11 million.  That means that the DOD could buy fourteen  A-10’s for each F-35. 

The relatively fragile list of “fighter jets” that I listed off above can’t support the ground troops nearly as well.  I personally know an A-10 pilot. He said that his plane could take hundreds of hits and still fly enough to continue his support the soldiers on the ground.  He said that once, an entire engine was completely shot off and he was still able to return fire and make it back to base safely. 

The very idea of any other jet in the American arsenal taking even a single hit and sticking around to continue the mission,  or even making it back to base is absurd.  It’s very clear that Obama’s political friends are getting filthy rich off of this worthless, F-35 contract, (at the expense of our soldier’s lives).


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