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islamic kiddie porn



Training center for muslim converts


Finally… Some Good News From the Supreme Court!


Strangely enough, this is an issue that is dear to my heart. The politicians, traffic cops, city officials, even the judges, all say the same thing. They blather on about how speed traps are “to stop speeders” and to “enhanced public safety.” They even say this about the “photo camera” traps you see on most intersections, now a days. I say that they are all full of crap. I am certain that it isn’t about safety, and it’s all about enhanced revenue. Speed traps are nothing more than a “random tax” applied to motorists. As a protest, I always flash my headlights to warn other drivers about an upcoming speed trap. If I see the cop-van setting up a speed trap in my neighborhood, I will even go as far as to put up a sign, warning, “speed trap ahead.” This usually gets them really upset… like I care.

 Flashing headlights to warn of speed traps is “protected speech”, judge rules

Flashing headlights to warn other drivers of speed traps is constitutionally protected speech, ruled a Missouri judge on Monday.

 In November of 2012, Michael Elli was pulled over by Ellisville police and was accused of “flashing lights on his vehicle . . . warning of speed trap ahead,” according to court papers obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

Elli, a retired West County resident who hadn’t been accused of a moving violation for more than 35 years, was told the standard fine for the charge was $1,000.

 The city dropped the charge against Elli awhile ago, but the American Civil Liberties Union sued on Elli’s behalf anyway, claiming the arrest violates the First Amendment right to free speech. Tony Rothert, an attorney with the ACLU, explained the basis for that claim:

 I’ve actually had two of these call me lucky I guess. I’ve stopped doing this as I don’t need the hassle of dealing with asshole cops.

 Found at Bad Blue Prep

Plane Found!


We’ve been looking all across the Indian Ocean and every tiny island in its proximity for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, but it somehow never dawned on us to search the most obvious place.

We are elated to report that Flight 370 has been found, and we have British tabloid the Sunday Sport to thank for opening our eyes.
And to think, we spent all this time searching the depths of the oceans when all we had to do was look up.  SOURCE


Occam’s razor


Anyone ever heard of Occam’s razor?    As a nurse, we find that the simplest, most likely diagnosis is usually the correct one (99% of the time).  Yes, there are occasional bizarre illnesses out there, but unlike on the TV show “House”  everyone doesn’t get those illnesses,  and most certainly, you don’t go off looking for those bizarre explanations first thing. 

 In the real world, whenever you are investigating any mystery,  the simplest of answers is usually the correct one. 

I haven’t made comment on this strange Malaysian airliner disappearance for a reason.  First off, I don’t care a whit about some third world airliner.  Those things plow into the ground all the time.  That’s why I don’t make a habit of flying outside of FAA controlled space.  The major news networks (especially the Obama acolyte stations) are playing this non-stop.  I think it may be a distractor for some other real issues.  Let’s say the Benghazi cover-up, the failure of Obamacare, the thousands of civilian deaths associated with Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious”  scandal… just to name a few. 

The major networks have nothing on this plane disappearance, therefore they are making up whatever they think will be entertaining.  I have heard that radical Muslim faction  Malasia has hijacked the plane and is now weaponizing it for  9/11 type of attack on China.  I have heard that it was taken by aliens,  taken prisoner by the North Koreans.  MSNBC has taken the high road and accepted that they don’t actually have any factual information and has brought in a Psychic to discuss this mystery. 

h/t to R.D. Walker

This thing is really a no- issue if you use  Occam’s Theory as to What Happened to the Plane…

This experienced pilot offers a simple – and boring – explanation as to what happened to the missing plane. In a nutshell…

There was an on-board fire.

The pilots tripped the breakers in order to turn them up one at a time as is SOP.

This turned off transponders and radios.

They turned toward the SE as that was the direction to the nearest large runway.

After the turn, they were overcome with smoke.

The plane continued on autopilot for six or seven hours and crashed in the southern Indian Ocean.

He explains altitude changes and so forth as well.  This is the simplest and most likely story that I have heard yet.

The Idiots are Running the Asylum





I put this out there in the “you can’t make this shit up” category.  I mean that Ms. Shelia happens to be a freely elected United States Congresswoman.  I thought that these people are suppose to represent all of us.  I know that there are that many stupid people in this country to demand Congressional representation.


I want to know when Americans in this country will eventually wake up and elect some responsible, intelligent,  honest, morale, people to represent them… or us.



It seems every time I turn  around, our fearless leader in the White House is both, pandering to the Muslim population, giving them arms and support for their civil wars, while at the same time,  further working towards more restrictive gun control here in this country.


It didn’t use to be that way…

I remember when I was a teen.  Cops were people that were respected.  Along with being an astronaut, kids in school dreamed of growing up to be cops.  That was then,  and this is now.  Back then, they were considered “the good guys.”  Now, they are no more than a extension of the government bureaucracy, and their only goal is making additional revenue for their political masters… not fighting crime and protecting  the innocent.


Daylight savings time…

savvings time

It’s that time again.  Don’t  forget to set your clocks!

… And it’s still not an acceptable excuse for sleeping in an extra hour for work.

My first  order of the day: find the creator of daylight savings time…

and hurt him.



With leaders like this… who needs enemies.

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