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Occam’s razor


Anyone ever heard of Occam’s razor?    As a nurse, we find that the simplest, most likely diagnosis is usually the correct one (99% of the time).  Yes, there are occasional bizarre illnesses out there, but unlike on the TV show “House”  everyone doesn’t get those illnesses,  and most certainly, you don’t go off looking for those bizarre explanations first thing. 

 In the real world, whenever you are investigating any mystery,  the simplest of answers is usually the correct one. 

I haven’t made comment on this strange Malaysian airliner disappearance for a reason.  First off, I don’t care a whit about some third world airliner.  Those things plow into the ground all the time.  That’s why I don’t make a habit of flying outside of FAA controlled space.  The major news networks (especially the Obama acolyte stations) are playing this non-stop.  I think it may be a distractor for some other real issues.  Let’s say the Benghazi cover-up, the failure of Obamacare, the thousands of civilian deaths associated with Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious”  scandal… just to name a few. 

The major networks have nothing on this plane disappearance, therefore they are making up whatever they think will be entertaining.  I have heard that radical Muslim faction  Malasia has hijacked the plane and is now weaponizing it for  9/11 type of attack on China.  I have heard that it was taken by aliens,  taken prisoner by the North Koreans.  MSNBC has taken the high road and accepted that they don’t actually have any factual information and has brought in a Psychic to discuss this mystery. 

h/t to R.D. Walker

This thing is really a no- issue if you use  Occam’s Theory as to What Happened to the Plane…

This experienced pilot offers a simple – and boring – explanation as to what happened to the missing plane. In a nutshell…

There was an on-board fire.

The pilots tripped the breakers in order to turn them up one at a time as is SOP.

This turned off transponders and radios.

They turned toward the SE as that was the direction to the nearest large runway.

After the turn, they were overcome with smoke.

The plane continued on autopilot for six or seven hours and crashed in the southern Indian Ocean.

He explains altitude changes and so forth as well.  This is the simplest and most likely story that I have heard yet.

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