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Lets just regulate it!

How about we make a new law?   I propose new legislation. Under my new law, if anybody says anything offensive in his own home in a private conversation, he should be fired from his job and fined.

That includes you, me, your neighbor, Al Sharpton, Willie Nelson, Mitt Romney, Honey Boo Boo, Obama, everybody…

If you say anything that is offensive to others, even in a private one-on-one conversation in your own home, you should immediately lose your job and be heavily fined.

Who’s with me?

polioce state

I mean really?   Yes, I know that Donald Sterling is a huge, ridiculously rich jackass. I find him repulsive, if for no other reason, he keeps a spoiled mistress while maintaining a marriage. He has no morals and he has no respect for his wife.

When I read that the headlines, NBA bans Los Angeles Clippers owner for life over racist comments, I was appalled. Yes, it was crass and blatantly racist comment.   And no, I’m not trying to defend him for his actions. But this action is setting up a very dangerous precedence. Is this what America has become? Is this the thought police from George Orwell? What ever happened to the first amendment and freedom of speech?

Private conversation in your own home is now regulated? Really?

I simply don’t believe that anyone should lose his job and his livelihood, and be “banned for life” from his/her own business, simply for making racial slurs in private, especially in your own home… even if it’s done while talking to your own slutty mistress while your wife is in the other room.


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