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Electric transportation better than gas… really?


I’ve never considered battery powered cars, which, in large part, are merely exceptionally fancy golf carts with better suspensions and stereos, to be a realistic or viable alternative to the gasoline powered engine. In his book, Thomas Friedman summed it up with this…

Electric cars kind of suck right now. To be more polite, you can say they’re not ready for prime time. The idea is tantalizing, but the implementation has a long way to go for, as I said before, anyone who drives more than 40 miles a day or who needs actual power to carry something.

The Tesla has been the only car that has proven to accelerate at a reasonable rate and to also be able to go farther than 40 miles on a charge.  The batteries are, however, prone to spontaneous combustion.


Today, I heard that the well known motorcycle company Harley Davidson has started production of their first  Electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  It will take several hours to reach a full charge and can go for almost 40 miles.  Unfortunately, It will have less power and speed than a moped.  And the most disappointing part of  all,  this all new “totally green Harley” will NOT have the signature Harley Davidson sound.  I mean, I once owned a Harley.  Sure I could have bought any other bike, but I chose a Harley.  The Japaneese counterparts can be obtained for a fraction of the cost of a genuine Harley.  They also are considerably more dependable and they don’t leak oil.  But they don’t have that signature sound.  They are not a Harley Davidson.  I once paid enough for a new Japanese bike to purchase a “basket case” Harley that was almost twenty years old.  Once I purchased the parts and assembled the bike, I was the proud owner of a genuine Harley.  I mean really?  Do they actually think that a totally silent bike with no range and no power will sell?  I don’t think so.


The electric transportation industry has a long way to go to be useful to anyone.   Even if it’s sporting the endorsement and famous name of Harley Davidson.


Thought For The Day



A California man was put under 72-hour  psychiatric observation when it was found he owned 100 guns and allegedly had 100,000 rounds of ammunition stored in his home.  The house also featured a secret escape tunnel.  By Southern California standards, someone owning 100,000 rounds is considered “mentally unstable.”

In Michigan, he’d be called “The last white guy still living in Detroit.”

In Arizona, he’d be called “an avid gun collector.”

In Arkansas, he’d be called “a novice gun collector.”

In Utah, he’d be called “moderately well prepared,” but  they’d probably reserve judgment  until they made sure that he had a corresponding quantity of stored food.”

In Kansas, he’d be “A guy down the road you would want to have for a friend.”

In Montana, he’d be called “The neighborhood ‘Go-To guy.”

In Alabama, he’d be called “a likely gubernatorial candidate.”

In Georgia, he’d be called “an eligible bachelor.”

In North Carolina,  Virginia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri and South Carolina he would be called “a deer hunting buddy.”

And in Texas he’d just be “Bubba, who’s a little short on ammo.”




Why the National Health Plan Won’t Work


Yes, they do have national health care in Russia, but that’s very different. I have several friends at work that are of Russian heritage. From my limited experience, these people seem to be naturally beaten down and they relish in misery. Although they are good honest hard workers, whenever they get together, they seem to enjoy talking about how bad they have it . They just accept their fate. This reminds me of a joke…

Because of the socialized nature of the Russian government, there was Lada, the only auto maker in the country.   And due to the layers of government bureaucracy, any citizen wishing to purchase a car had to pay in full… and they had to pay a full year in advance.

There was this old farmer who wanted a car. He saved for years for his car. When the day came, he went down to the office and filled out all of the forms. He went to the acquisition office to have the form stamped. He then went to purchasing and paid for his car in full. The farmer took the forms to the recording office to get the required signature. Once he got his receipt, he took it with the forms to receiving to set up his appointment. The clerk said while looking at his calendar, “Well Mr. Pshkin, it looks like you are set to receive your new car one year from now. I believe that will be a Tuesday.” The old farmer frowned and said, “can I wait three more days and make that on Friday?… I have the plumber coming on Tuesday.”

Although, this was my attempt at a joke, it is easily understood as the natural way Russian people think. America on the other hand, is different. Our culture was started with rebellion. Our American history is rebellious in nature.   From the British revolution to today’s Occupy Wall Street crowd, Americans will not tolerate the government stepping on the throats of the citizens as they so comfortably do in Russia.

I don’t care what Michael Moorehas to say about any other country having better health care. I know that America has the best on the planet. As a surgery nurse, I actually see people from Canada, Saudi Arabia, and everywhere else coming here to get our health care. Not only do the majority of non-veteran health care recipients get really good, high quality, cutting edge, modern, health care… but they expect it. The VA health system is only a small example of the things to come. Soon, everyone will be experiencing this level of bureaucracy in government health care. The veterans might not issue too much complaint, but the rest of America certainly will… especially the entitlement class.


2014 Modern America!


Welcome to 2014

• Phones – Wireless

• Cooking – Fireless

• Cars – Keyless

Food – Fatless

• Tires –Tubeless

• Dress – Sleeveless

• Youth – Jobless

• Leaders – Shameless

• Relationships – Meaningless

• Attitudes – Careless

• Babies – Fatherless

• Feelings – Heartless

• Education – Valueless

• Children – Manner less

• Country – Godless 

We are SPEECHLESS, Congress is CLUELESS, 

And our President is WORTHLESS !

Squeamish Factor


As a nurse who’s worked in the ER of a major trauma center, I’ve seen practically every kind of juicy, draining injury imaginable. My family would think that there was nothing on earth that could cause me to get squeamish. My peers that I worked with in that same ER knew better. Everyone gets the heebie-jeebies and shows a squeamish side. Yes, I mean everyone. No one is immune to it. Unfortunately, everyone that works in healthcare keeps this a deep dark secret. It can be viewed as a weakness… like the big, burley professional football player that’s afraid of a mouse. The trick is to find out what makes other people (like you) woozy and squeamish… and then exploit it. Believe me, it’s a wonderful thing when you find a really tough, veteran nurse (or doctor) and discover what they are afraid of. It’s not that I would go and abuse this knowledge, but it’s comforting.   It’s like going into battle against “Achilles the Giant” and having the knowledge that if things get really bad, there’s this little spot on his heel …

 Today I learned about Dr. Smith’s weakness. He’s was a tough old veteran who does ENT surgery. He’s kind of a jack ass to the nursing staff, and he does mostly oral, airway and neck stuff. Surgery inside someone’s mouth is not actually bacteria free, so his sterile technique in surgery is not the best. He rarely washes his hands before surgery so a bonafide surgical scrub would be laughable. Sometimes, he doesn’t even wear gloves. No one from the management team says anything to him because his infection rate is somehow amazingly low. Where we work, we have EPIC electronic documentation. Dr. Smith will finish a surgery and walk over and look up an x-ray on the nurses computer. When he’s done, the keyboard will be greasy, like someone had just been eating some KFC fried chicken. It’s a little gross. But he really doesn’t care. Like an ER nurse who’s just discovered someone’s special weakness, he find’s it humorous when the circulating nurse complains, “eww gross.”

 I was in a GYN room today. The GYN department has an ultrasound machine to check certain problems with female anatomy. There is a long probe that is used with intra-vaginal approach to scan the uterus and cervix. This machine appeared to have been used and not properly cleaned. I had gotten it ready for the case including having a puddle of KY jelly on a gauze pad on the side of the machine and I pre-lubed the probe so it would be ready to don the sterile cover when used in the surgical procedure. The doctor decided not to use this machine and, to make more room, I pushed it out into the hallway. I was walking to the pre-op clinic and observed Dr. Smith studying this ultrasound machine. As I walked by, he said, “what’s this new machine… and what’s this little phallic shaped thing used for?”   I couldn’t let a good opportunity go to waste. I had to make up a really good story. “Why Dr. Smith, that is the new urology ultrasound machine. They take that little penis shaped probe and jam it into the patient’s rectum and do a bladder scan … from the other side. He looked at me and at the probe. He made a frown like he was eating something sour and said, “but someone left it all coated with KY jelly… and nasty.” I looked and saw the little bit of lubricant on the edge of the machine. I picked up a paper towel from the sink and began to wipe it off. He shrieked, “my God, that thing is nasty… you should wear some gloves.” I saw how he was becoming alarmed, and I knew how the ultrasound had gotten left this way. I picked up the probe and started to wipe it off with a paper towel. His voice went up an octave as he became even more alarmed. “My God John, don’t touch that nasty thing with your bare hands… go wash your hands right now… yeech, I can’t believe you’re handling that thing…”   he was stuttering. I knew that I had him now and I started rubbing the probe with my bare hand “Sometimes they have to move it back and forth to get the best picture… like this…” Dr. Smith looked pale, “Yeech, you’re sick!” … and he stomped off. I laughed out loud.   I had just discovered his weakness… his Kryptonite.

 I couldn’t wait to share my knowledge and tell the rest of the nursing staff.

Honoring the Dishonorable, Ignoring the Heroic


I guess that’s just how they roll in today’s administration. The “commander in chief” has proven again and again that he has zero respect for our great military.

Good, decent American warriors have been dying in combat against the enemies of human liberty for over a decade. Many hundreds have died serving in the forces that protect our way of life. They selflessly and fearlessly run towards gunfire, engage with a vicious and determined enemy and leave the battlefield littered with the bodies of the forces of darkness.

Sometimes, however, our warriors fight and die. They died in Iraq, they died in Afghanistan and they died in Benghazi, Libya.

Some warriors died while searching for a soldier who walked away from his post. In June 2009, The Deserter left behind a note in his tent saying he had become disillusioned with the Army, did not support the American mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life. He just walked away. That ignited a huge, multi-million dollar search that he had to know would occur. He just didn’t care.

Men put on their battle gear and headed out into the Valley of the Shadow of Death in search of him. As was entirely predictable, some of these men died searching for The Deserter. They bled out on a battlefield giving their last doing what they were called to do. h/t to R.D. Walker


The mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, wives and children of these warriors were not told the real reason they died. They were told they were searching for a Taliban commander or some other fiction. They were given their Purple Hearts and flags and forgotten to grieve. It is unlikely Barack Obama ever heard the names of these lost soldiers and he certainly never heard the names of their family members.

Obama did know the name of The Deserter, however. He knew the names The Deserter’s parents too. He didn’t invite the mothers and fathers of the honorable soldiers who died in in Afghanistan to the White House. He did, however, invite the parents of the man who deserted his post, his fellow soldiers and his country. Obama invited the mother and father of The Deserter for a Rose Garden press conference and photo op. He invited them for comforting and for embraces. Even as Obama ignored the families of the men who served honorably and died in search of The Deserter, he embraced and comforted the parents of the dishonorable Deserter whose actions started a chain of events that resulted in their deaths.

That’s the way the Obama White House rolls. They honor the dishonorable, praise the corrupt, ignore the praiseworthy and disdain the heroic. Everything is backward in Washington today. Everything is exactly the opposite of what it should be. Dishonor is honored and heroism is derided.



Race Card


Cube: “Facts suggest vets delayed own tests to make Obama look bad”

Yup. This is what that race card has devolved to. People across the world are laughing at it.


After the recent revelation of long wait times and delays in care at VA hospitals shocked the nation, congressional Democrats from both houses and independent journalists undertook their own investigation to determine the cause of the problem.

What they found was shocking: evidence of a coordinated conspiracy among numerous ill veterans to avoid seeking medical care and blame their subsequent problems on President Obama.

“It’s racism pure and simple.” said one congressional staffer who played a tape recording of a VA patient telling an undercover investigator “I’m supposed to go for a colonoscopy next week but I’m gonna skip it and blame it on Obama if I get sick.”

“I know it sounds an awful lot like me,” the staffer said of the tape, “but it is a VA patient. Trust me.”

From The People’s Cube   h/t to  

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