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Why the National Health Plan Won’t Work


Yes, they do have national health care in Russia, but that’s very different. I have several friends at work that are of Russian heritage. From my limited experience, these people seem to be naturally beaten down and they relish in misery. Although they are good honest hard workers, whenever they get together, they seem to enjoy talking about how bad they have it . They just accept their fate. This reminds me of a joke…

Because of the socialized nature of the Russian government, there was Lada, the only auto maker in the country.   And due to the layers of government bureaucracy, any citizen wishing to purchase a car had to pay in full… and they had to pay a full year in advance.

There was this old farmer who wanted a car. He saved for years for his car. When the day came, he went down to the office and filled out all of the forms. He went to the acquisition office to have the form stamped. He then went to purchasing and paid for his car in full. The farmer took the forms to the recording office to get the required signature. Once he got his receipt, he took it with the forms to receiving to set up his appointment. The clerk said while looking at his calendar, “Well Mr. Pshkin, it looks like you are set to receive your new car one year from now. I believe that will be a Tuesday.” The old farmer frowned and said, “can I wait three more days and make that on Friday?… I have the plumber coming on Tuesday.”

Although, this was my attempt at a joke, it is easily understood as the natural way Russian people think. America on the other hand, is different. Our culture was started with rebellion. Our American history is rebellious in nature.   From the British revolution to today’s Occupy Wall Street crowd, Americans will not tolerate the government stepping on the throats of the citizens as they so comfortably do in Russia.

I don’t care what Michael Moorehas to say about any other country having better health care. I know that America has the best on the planet. As a surgery nurse, I actually see people from Canada, Saudi Arabia, and everywhere else coming here to get our health care. Not only do the majority of non-veteran health care recipients get really good, high quality, cutting edge, modern, health care… but they expect it. The VA health system is only a small example of the things to come. Soon, everyone will be experiencing this level of bureaucracy in government health care. The veterans might not issue too much complaint, but the rest of America certainly will… especially the entitlement class.



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One thought on “Why the National Health Plan Won’t Work

  1. Lloyd on said:

    “Article 99” watch that movie. Made in 1992 it showed just how screwed up the VA is. Nothing has changed except maybe for the worst.

    Government run health care at it’s finest. And this administration wants everyone “covered” by this expertly run federal program.

    Makes me feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

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