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Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day


Today we celebrate the freedoms we used to stand for and the individual liberties we used to have. We celebrate the actions of men greater than ourselves who refused to live their lives devout of liberty. Today we celebrate.

What fools we have become. Since when did liberty become the punch-line of a cynical stand-up comedy routine? Since when did our laws become an amphigoric web intended to control every aspect of our lives?

Enjoy your celebration this 4th! While you are enjoying all that freedom you have, make sure you don’t do any of the following:

Dance at a Federal Monument, grow the wrong plant, start a lemonade stand without a license, throw a Frisbee on the beach in LA without lifeguard approval, expose the governments embarrassing secrets, choose to not wear a seat belt in your own car, choose to not buy products that the government mandates you to purchase, expect any kind of privacy whatsoever, refuse to help “Law Enforcement” violate other people’s privacy (I have personal experience with this one), collect rain water, choose what to plant on your own farm, be homeless, be poor and unable to pay back a government backed student loans, wear an American flag t-shirt at school, own the wrong dog, chew your toast into the shape of a gun at school, purchase milk that came out of your neighbors cow, the list goes on and on and on…

I, in the spirit of rebellion and independence from tyranny, am going to go break a local law against fireworks.  I went and purchased some real fireworks from the great Libertarian state of Montana.   Yes, I will be responsible and take safety precautions not to burn anything down. No, I will not be getting a permit. This might be petty, it might be simple, but I am going to enjoy my freedom and my Roman Candles. Enjoy the little things in life.

May all of you have a rebellious celebration of your independence from Tyranny.


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