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How To Avoid Being Shot


We all know about the story of  Saint Trayvon of Skittles & Saint Michael Brown of Fergudishu.  Contrary to what the media wants you to know, the real story is beginning to come out.

Now, we see the story of Christian Alberto Sierra. The gist is of this story is that he spiraled downward, became erratic, threatened suicide, began cutting himself, ran down the street covered in blood (armed with a knife), and got shot when he ran toward a responding police officer after being commanded to “freeze”.

A common theme in these stories, seems to be the major media networks are referring to these people as children. These individuals were all grown men. Each (allegedly) showed a propensity to commit violence and exhibited unstable behavior immediately preceding their death. Two were shot by police, one was shot by an over-zealous dickhead posing as a community security guard.

Just a word of caution and advice… I have been in a tangle with the law on more than once.  On one occasion, I have even spent a night in the PoPo.  I can say that I know with certain empirical knowledge what exactly makes a police officer mad or glad.  With all of my experience and my dealings with our dedicated law enforcement officers, I would like to offer you, my friends, a brief list of concrete steps you can take to avoid being shot:

* Don’t rob people. * Don’t use or sell drugs. * Don’t attack people. * Don’t steal. * Don’t hurt yourself or others then act crazy with a lethal weapon in hand. * When an officer issues a command, comply with said command immediately.

* Never ever yell, curse,  spit, swing, strike, or yell in an unfriendly or un-neighborly fashion in the direction of any law officer.

If you follow these  simple rules, you will drastically reduce your chances of being shot.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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2 thoughts on “How To Avoid Being Shot

  1. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    Good advice

  2. “one was shot by an over-zealous dickhead posing as a community security guard.”

    That line alone was perfect!

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