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Yesterday was my off-day in my list of chores to do was to go grocery shopping.  I went to my usual place for sustenance,  which was Winco foods.   Next to Winco was Costco,  office Depot,  Best Buy, and a few other big box stores.  I looked across the road and saw a bunch of cars.  My ADD clicked in and I was lost.  I just wanted to see what was going on over there.  I turned left instead of right to investigate the excitement.  It was the grand opening of a brand new Super-Wal-Mart store.  It was right there in my neighborhood.   Why didn’t I hear of this?  I’m thinking to myself, probably because of the crazies in Oregon, Wal-Mart kept this very quiet and “under the radar.”  They attempted building a store in Newberg and there were court orders, law suits, injunctions,  political rallies,  marchers in the streets, protesters with signs, union organizers… needless to say, that branch of Wal-Mart has had a set-back.  Oh, it’s still being built, it’s just going to take a lot longer and cost a lot more than they had anticipated.  It should be opening in another year or so.   

People in Oregon, with such a socialistic mindset, can’t tolerate any business that is not totally union entrenched.  Wal-Mart has taken a solid anti-union posture.  I have heard from one of their managers (at the St. Helens store) that they will close its doors before allowing one of their stores to become unionized.  There are drawbacks of a non-union, yes.  My son was fired from a Wal-Mart for attempting to stop a shoplifter.  There was no recourse and no argument with the management decision, even after five years of dedication and a spotless record.  On the other hand, Wal-Mart does go out of their way to hire very compromised people who would normally be totally dependent on social services.  I give them a bunch of kudos and respect for this.  In the end, I weigh all the pro’s and con’s and I still shop the large retailer on occasion.

  Much to my surprise,  my new Wal-Mart has been at a total blackout … until today.   The “Grand Opening” was, as it turned out a lot of fun.   It seems for this grand event,  they cleaned out every trailer park, every red-neck bar,  and every carney from the entire Oregon state fair for this amazing event.  I could literally play Walmart bingo and get a full bingo card win before I even got past the greeter.  There were things that I thought were pure fiction and only seen on People of Walmart before today.   Well, I can testify that I saw it live. 

The liberals here in Oregon are all snooty about their high quality education system and universities and such.  Being a guy from Alabama, I am frequently the butt of jokes about Forrest Gump,  red-necks, poorly educated people..  When I go to a “Wal-Mart Grand Opening” event and I see these people “coming out of the shadows” in such a pompous liberal state like Oregon, it restores my faith and gives me a bit of cheer.


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