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What a way to vent frustration…


What a way to vent frustration.  An old friend sent me this one.  She was my charge nurse a few years and we still keep in touch.  I found it pretty funny.

Bowling alley in Florida:


After losing money for years, the guy was ready to close up and shut down his bowling alley.  Then he tried one last thing, and now business is booming. 

Want to knock his teeth out?  A bowling alley in Clearwater , Florida , Bowl-O-Bama, is doing record business despite a bad economy.  The alley also reported a record number of 300 games. Since opening in November 2010, 963 patrons have bowled a perfect game, including strikes in the warm-up frames. This alley also has the highest bowling league average in the country, with a 237.  And that’s the senior league.   They aren’t sure why, but seems as though they don’t have many democrat bowlers …  Hmmm.


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