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Photo Not Necessary

Photo not necessary

I went to eat out with my in-laws last night. They wanted Chinese and we ate dinner at Panda Express. They have pictures of everything. I guess it’s for those in this country that are blessed with the public education system… anyone who can’t read the words on the menu. They can point and smile to get exactly what they want. But drinks… really. Sometimes a picture isn’t really necessary.   I spend an unusual amount of time surfing through the net for pictures. And before you say, it’s not porn. I try hard to find a witty and humorous picture to accompany my blog post. But tonight I came to the realization that I do not really need a picture of any kind to get my point across. I mean, I like to feel that I cater to those who are better than average educated. I mean if you read, you’re way ahead. Most people who are conservative, are not immune to logic (unlike liberals) and seem to have some capacity for reason. Because of my topics, my political leanings, and my writing style, I tend to think that most people who read my blog are conservative and thus have a greater than average intelligence. So, to make a long story short, pictures are not necessarily mandatory to get the point across. So I’ll assume that my followers will not be unhappy if I forgo pictures once in a while.

Oh the other hand, if you’re a liberal and are unhappy, well, don’t worry… because I’m not worrying


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