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Heck, That’s what I always said.

A friend sent me this picture.  As a liberal, he was all incensed about the audacity of the teacher saying insensitive things.  I didn’t say it out loud.  I mean, in this day and time in the great state of Oregon, and in my current place of employment, I didn’t want to tip them off.   No kidding, if I were to voice my true feelings, it would be George Orwell’s 1984 all over again.  I’d be sent to the re-education camp.  Or  the Department of Diversity and Inclusion for “sensitivity training.”   Yep, this actually sounds crazy but it’s real, and it’s a way of forced compliance to the thought police.

I raised three boys.  My oldest was a West Point graduate and spent a year in Afghanistan.  My youngest is now 23.  All three are fine respectable  men.  When they were in high school, they all endured bullying and they dealt with it.  They stuck together and formed their own  “Gang” to whoop-ass on any bully that thought he had the balls to rough them up.  As long as they stuck together, they never lost.

My dad actually taught the sixth grade.  He was great.    It was unconventional and probably cause shrieks of horror in today’s time.  He actually told kids stuff like this and made them grow up with respect and honor… something kids of today sadly lack.

So I say hey, if your sixth grader is getting bullied, tell him to man the hell up and then give him a handful of quarters in a sock to help him take care of business.



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