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Forgot Lipstick


Don’t you just hate it?…….you get all dressed up, 

you’re looking hot, smokin’ hot!

As you strut your stuff down the street, you can 

almost feel all the eyes upon you.

Then, you happen to catch a quick glimpse of yourself

in a mirror, and you suddenly REALIZE…you forgot 

the lipstick…the whole look you were after is gone to hell, 

right then and there!

I have lived in Oregon for a few years.  I don’t dare to venture into downtown Portland unless I have to.  It’s not like it was in downtown Mobile AL, or New Orleans, LA.  Venturing downtown in those cities would get you killed in no time flat.  I worked in the ER at Charity Hospital in downtown New Orleans.   We would typically have 15 gun shot wound patients in a single night, and it wouldn’t even be a weekend night either!   This didn’t even account for the ones that were declared “dead at the scene.”   Here in Portland, we may get 40 gun shot wound patients in a calendar year.  So,  I can say with confidence, that I feel safe walking the streets anywhere in Oregon.  The problem,  the mental health of the people in Oregon is in question.  Take a walk down Burnside street in Portland after 5pm.  You will see plenty of people that are clearly not normal.  Like going to a “Comic Con” convention,  seeing normal looking and normally dressed people is  the exception.  Except here in Portland, these people dress and act this way all the time, every day.


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