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Breaking News, The Embargo is Over!


“BREAKING: Obama To Start Talks With Cuba To Establish Full Diplomatic Relations”

I just tuned into today’s news.  Our Emperor  is preparing to sign an “Escutive Order”  to open relations with Cuba.  “The Embargo is Over”    I can’t say that I totally approve of a giant infusion of tourist and American supportive dollars into that country and they don’t have to give up anything.  They  still have a Communist government with a seriously oppressive lifestyle that is the total antithesis of American freedom.  But this is what the liberal Democrats are all about anyway.

On the other hand,  this may not be such a bad thing. It may save some Cuban lives by improving conditions there. Cuba was once a great place for  rich Americans to party. They had casinos, hookers, dog tracks, Jai Alai, and Bacardi rum. Now we have all that stuff here in this country. They may have to come up with a new schtick to lure American tourists.

Maybe it’ll be their excellent health care.   (as advertised and touted by Michael Moore in his “documentary.”

H/T to Jim22 over at the Revo


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