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Who’s Really In Charge?


I don’t want to dwell on the chaos reigning down in Ferguson and now in New York state, but who is responsible for this?   If any company has a serious loss in the stock market,  or an employee goes postal, or something really bad happens, the CEO is responsible.  The CEO may not know anything about the incident or what led up to it even happening, but he is still responsible.  And in the end, he will take responsibility and will resign.  This is also occasionally true when it comes to politicians.  Most conservative politicians or anyone who has any honor, will usually take responsibility.  That’s what they do.  In the beginning, when they are first elected, they tout “the buck stops here” type of rhetoric.  But they are rarely are taken to task when something seriously happens on their watch.

I find it very humorous when Mayor Deblasio of New York, and Mayer  Knowles of Ferguson MO, work so hard  to skate around any responsibility for the happenings in their own  city. They both  actually blame the police for the unrest.

First off, the top twenty most crime infested cities in the nation are all headed up by a liberal democrat mayor and city government.  Yet they still don’t take any blame at all.  They all blame the lack of gun laws, lack of civil laws or some sort of lack  of control.  I find it funny how these two mayors are doing gyrations to get out from under the blame of these “police killings”.  These mayors, along with the help of the media, they are actually blaming the police… and the useful idiots that watch and actually believe these broadcasts.

I’ve got news for everyone out there… the mere presence of police officers do not make a “police state.”

I am a nurse and I worked many years in the Emergency Department.  Contrary to popular belief, I did not ever go to work wishing for trauma and bloodshed.  On the contrary, I would say a prayer each and every night for a quiet and peaceful night.  My only desire was to get to the end of my 12 hour shift with no death, lawyer calls, or drama.  I think that the average police officer is no different than me.  They don’t want to give someone grief or hardship.  A boring shift is actually a good thing.

It’s the politicians that are making the policies, rules and laws.  The politicians issue the guidelines to the officers and the officer is only doing what he is required to do by the mayor or city council.

The average police officer is an honorable man who wants to do the right thing.  It’s the crooked politician that is causing the hardship.

If we are fearful of a “police state” then it’s the elected official that makes the rules that needs to be replaced,  not the guy at the bottom of the list.  Blaming  the police officer is like blaming the guy at the drive up window at McDonalds for their poor corporate hireling practices.


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