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Just Because…


You ever do something, for no other reason, than because it annoys the shit out of someone else? Don’t get me wrong,.. I’m not really that kind of person. But today, I just couldn’t stand it. I came to work in a pretty good mood and got my assignment. I was on a roll and found out I had a pretty good assignment and a pretty good scrub tech working with me. Yep, it was gonna be a good day. Our anesthesia attending came into the room grumbling, “Awe man, I slept till one yesterday. And today, I feel like crap. I’m in a crappy mood and I hope like hell that no one else here is in a perky, happy mood. That would push me over the top. I just can’t take perky today.”  

I was already in a pretty good mood. But I couldn’t take her grumbling and doing her damnedest to bring me down. So, for her benefit, I turned it up to eleven. I was singing, dancing and whistling the whole day.

Dr. Smith was really unhappy but she got better and even by lunch, she was feeling some pressure. When my lunch relief came in, she was all apologetic and began “explaining her mood” even before the relief nurse was aware of the tempo of the room. She explained, “why Dr. Smith, I didn’t even know you weren’t feeling well… can I get you something?”   It made me laugh.

In the end, by my last case of the day, I was really feeling good and we actually did have a good day.

So the moral of the story, even if you are having a bad day or if someone you work with is having a bad day, you can make things better .    You can lighten the mood and cheer up the people around you simply by making an effort to be more up-beat yourself.


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