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Got an Angry Woman on my Hands



My wife got angry with me the other day. I know what you’re thinking… “big deal, isn’t that what all women do?” Well, I guess that I’ve been pretty lucky. We’ve been married for 30 years and we still get along. In my early days, she was the girl that hung around and did things with me. (No, not like that.)   It was a little strange. She was just like one of my guy friends. I didn’t even think of her as a girl back then, she a girl and a friend. Not a “girlfriend”. We went out in the boat, fishing, shooting, racing cars, making home-made rockets, throwing beer bottles at road signs, acting stupid … you know, guy stuff… except she was a girl and liked to have fun. We had a lot of fun together and she was my best friend. It wasn’t until much later that I recognized her as an actual girl and we began to get romantic. (I fully admit that I’m not the brightest crayon in the box). Well, one thing led to another and eventually we were married. Fast forward 30 years later. We are still best friends and we still hang out together. She went to the gun show with me just the other day. I bought her a new machete sized Kukri for the “emergency kit” that lives in her car. She had to go out and chop something, first thing. She’s great.

ut really, as unbelievable as it may sound, we rarely fight. But the other day, she got pretty angry. I actually had to leave and go to The Growlery as a reprieve.

How did this happen, you ask?   I occasionally have her proof my blog posts before it goes out. Remember, I acquired my writing skills back in Alabama. This time she took one look and said, “ I can’t believe you’re writing this. Don’t you have any common sense?”   I was dumbfounded and I a little hurt by her abruptness. So I blurted out some defensive comments… then I made a quick apology. But it was already too late… she was on the fast track to fury.

When I got back from the Growlery, she and I both had a calm, adult discussion. And in the end, I actually saw her point. She explained, “I can’t believe you’re writing this. Think about it. It was great 20 years ago, but we live in a different time now. In this day and time of political correctness, you could not only be shunned for an off color opinion, but you could mess up your career. Nut jobs could come here and want to commit violence. (Like they did in France) Heck, don’t you remember poor Salman Rushdie? He wrote something derogatory about the Muslim faith and they put a price on his head… a real live bounty for his death! Don’t think this can’t happen to you. If one of the liberals from work were to read some of this, because of the racial tones, you could be called to “the integrity office” and even fired for your view. Do you think losing your job is worth your venting on this blog? Let’s face it, the first amendment is gone. It only exists if you are speaking what the left wants to hear. Otherwise, you need to be very careful. I love you and I know you mean well. But you’re a little naive when it comes to the ways of underhanded leftist politics… especially in the workplace. So, write about fun stuff, or just tone it down. The liberals consider some of this blasphemous. You’re painting a huge target on yourself, and eventually, you will be sorely sorry for your published opinions”  


I thanked her for helping me out. She did have a point. I’ve even written more than one post on the fears of George Orwell’s 1984 predictions coming to reality.

In the end, I agreed to try to tone it down and write and be more politically correct. But on the other hand, I can wish for a better, more free America. I can also admire and support those who do write without fear… (And haven’t yet been incarcerated for venting their 1st Amendment feelings).

Here’s an example from a friend.   I frequently purchase gun parts from him. He’s writing a response to the recent ruling by the BATF on private machining of gun parts. And he’s written a letter, in crayon, to the head of the BATF. All I can say is “Man, this guys got some huge balls.”

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