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Understanding Radical Islam


It appears that a group of Islamic radicals gunned down a bunch of news paper journalists in France yesterday. All of France is in an uproar. Hmmm… lets see, France has granted Muslims special privileges, turned the other cheek, granted them their own courts to try people via Sharia law, attempted to be accepting of their customs and what did they get?

I watched a brief segment on Fox News with Sean Hannity. He was interviewing an prominent Imam who was claiming the shooting in France was justified. “They slandered the prophet Mohamed and, according to Sharia law, the penalty for this is death.”

My wife exclaimed, “how can he justify that… I mean, I think he’s trying to say it’s OK to kill innocent people?”

I said calmly, “Wait, I think I can see his point.” My wife looked at me like I had two heads. I went on to explain, “Well, in our world, we have freedom of expression. In the radical Islamic world, it’s obviously a capital crime to insult Mohamed. Yes, this sounds crazy in our world.

In our world it’s a capital crime for an adult male to have anal sex with a six year old male child. A man of Islamic faith thinks it’s perfectly OK to do this. It is said that even Mohamed had sex with children. I have three sons and I’m certain that I would have done horrible things to any man who did that kind of harm to my children when they were that age. The entire Islamic community would have shrieked at me, just the same as you are doing now, “he killed innocents” after I went off on the Islamic pedophile. See my point?”

She grumbled, something about being “not the same” and went upstairs. I don’t know, but I feel that it may be the fault of the liberal politicians of France for not forcing any newly immigrating citizens to conform to the domestic culture. Borders, language, and culture is the core of any country. Here in America, our government is bending over backwards to accommodate foreigners who come here. We have multi-lingual DMV, road signs, menu’s, public schools, all sorts of things. This is so wrong. It should be a privilege to live here and everyone should conform to our American culture. We shouldn’t have African-Americans, German-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, etc.   We are a “melting pot” and we should be just Americans. Because of this liberal separatist policies, I expect this type of violence to soon come to this country.


Now I know it’s wrong to kill innocent people for committing a crime that you feel is a capital crime (by your own faith).   But, I may even burn in Hell, but I feel I can’t simply “turn the other cheek.” I have my CCW permit and I am happy to protect myself.

About the France thing and what we should do or the correct attitude… well, I have to quote…

Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.



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