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What’s with Batman?


I’m not comfortable with change and we have had some really remarkable changes since I was younger.   I frequently write about how it was better back in “the good ole days” “ and why I things should be more like  “when I was a kid.”  Things have radically changed since I was young and sometimes I struggle to live with it.

The other night,  I watched the latest Batman with my wife.  It’s the one where Bruce is played by Christian Bale. I think the title was  The Dark Knight Rises.  It was a really dark movie,  in more ways than one.  It looked like Bruce was battling with mental illness, depression  and a criminal history while in a third world country and was locked away in a foreign prison.  He eventually escaped his captors to save the day.  But in the meantime, this new villain (who was from that same very prison)  took over Gotham City.  This villain, (Bain) set up a new city government that was loosely based on what today’s “Anarchists”  seem to be working towards.  The whole theme was to take from the rich and “spread the wealth”…  Much like the mantra of the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd.  When Batman kills Bain and brings an end to the murderous rampage and occupation of the city,  Batman seems to be somewhat of a “bad guy” for his deed.

Anyway, the story was not only twisted and tortuous, but the writers took great pains to explain Batman’s (or Bruce Wayne’s)  life history and why he was had such a  complex personality.  They told about his parents untimely death, his lost love,  his conflict with his father figure, Alfred, and his inner turmoil.  To me, the whole movie was dark and troubling and it left me with an uneasy feeling.

To all of this, I ask… Why?  I mean, really?   When I was younger, there was the Batman and Robin with Adam West and Burt Ward.   It was a series with two elderly men.  Batman and his butler Alan Napier , and they lived with an orphan boy.  Today, this sounds a little taboo, but back then, no one cared or even questioned.  Social services wasn’t called  and everyone was all right with it.   Batman and Robin would  do a graphic job of beating the crap out of the bad guys (but not killing any of them).  Then he would hand them all over to the police.  Unlike the modern Batman, the older  Batman had a good relation with the police department.  He would encourage public safety, wearing seatbelts, and even doing homework.

and a boy.   My Batman wore tights, a mask, and ran around in public driving a hot-rod car and no one even blinked.  The New Batman only comes out at night and is angry and yells at people in an angry gravelly voice.

I know that the old Batman was sort of a spoof to the point of being almost a comedy.  But this Batman has all of the same issues the new Batman has.  He lived in a cave, he was afraid of bats, he was an only child left as an orphan,  he had inner struggles, and  he was so frustrated with the current justice system to the point he became a vigilante against criminals.  He did all this,  just as the new Batman did.  Only the old Batman was tough and accepted his lot in life.  He chose, instead of grumbling,  he took the lemons and made lemonade.  He tried to do what he thought was right and, for that, people accepted him for what he was.

The point to all of this is in this day and time, we all are encouraged to “get in touch with our feelings.”  Whenever something tragic happens in a public school, they have a multitude of counselors available to “allow the children to talk it through.”   When I was a kid, we talked among ourselves, and yes, I may have had some PTSD.  I mean my teacher whipped my ass with a stick if I did anything wrong.  The trauma of the event prevented me from ever doing that again.  Today’s society is all that permissive and outward with the feelings, and I don’t think that society is that much better off for it.   I’d bet that these kids that do horrible things, like school shootings, if their mother, father, and/or teacher would have torn  up their ass with a belt once in a while as they were growing up, they wouldn’t have ever done their terrible deed.

Unfortunately, if anyone practiced capital punishment on any school aged kid now a days, it would be considered “abuse” and the parent or teacher would be jailed.  As a result, that kid will never learn, and will grow into an adult that will be deeply troubled and conflicted.


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