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Obama’s Home State


We had a great time.  There was scuba diving on the undersea caldera, snorkeling with the humpback whales,   snorkeling with giant manta-rays, viewing the volcano and the spewing lava,  swimming,  sight seeing, fresh fruit,  the Luau, the food, zip-line adventure across the canyon,  the black sand beach, fine dining, drinking Kona coffee at the Kona coffee plantation, and a bunch more that I couldn’t remember.  It was great.

In leaving on the last day of work, I half joked with one of the surgeons who has had many trips to Hawaii and also partakes of many uppity social functions.  In contrast, he frequently makes fun of my Alabama hick heritage.  I played along with him saying, I have my passport and can’t wait to get there.  “What is the first thing you’re gonna do once you get there?”  he asked.  “Well,  so I can do other things,  I guess I’m gonna change my money to Hawaiian money first thing.”

He laughed, but,  now that I have been there,  I am only half kidding.  I mean, I know that Hawaii is still considered America.  But, the state is still run a lot like a third world country.  The social politics are still made up with the ancient cast system.  There are definite discrimination there.  There are the native Hawaiian citizens, Tahitians, Samoans,  Caucasians, Japanese and a few others that are not as obvious.  The politics is thick and the discrimination is obvious.  The technology and construction,  and as well as the regulation and certifications are equal to Guatemala or Honduras.  They talk of the EPA and FDA, but the guys that are doing the tours wink and say, “but this is the Hawaiian way.”

I find it a little ironic that our President,  who is from the great state of Hawaii,  talks of discrimination and injustice, yet in his home state is by far, the worst I’ve seen anywhere.  The separation of wealth that he talks about…. there were very poor people (usually Japanese, who were the lowest on the social ladder),  living in shacks.  There were the very rich living in billion dollar estates.  And everything in the middle were tourists.  We stopped in the East side of Maui near the black sand beach to have a snack.  The only restaurant in the town of Hana sold it’s cheapest hamburger for $19 bucks each.  This was for a standard size McDonalds quality hamburger.  The only hotel had rooms for $1900 dollars a night.  Just down from the hotel was the private residence of Opra Winfrey.  She owned 100 acres of beach-front property.  She didn’t like the curvy drive back into town so she made a “as the crow flies” road of her own to get directly back to town.  I say to our leader, how about you fix your own home before screwing with the rest of America.  Also when you talk of a “redistribution of wealth”  how about starting with your friend Opra back in your home state?

I don’t mean to talk politics while on vacation,  and I don’t like to rant about injustice and prejudice.  If this was actually a vacation to Guatemala I would have said, “yep, that is just the way it is here.”  But it’s not,  this is still America and in this country, things are supposed to be different.

It’s still a fantasy-land as far as a place to go and have fun or even rest and relaxation and I will probably return again.


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