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Up the Minimum Wage!


Despite the lagging economy and the corruption in the governors office and elsewhere in the state government, the state of Oregon continues to show its propensity for  the absurd.  Yep, they’re upping the minimum wage here in Oregon.  It doesn’t matter that minimum wage was never meant to be a “living wage” for anyone.  It’s a stepping stone job for high school kids and a few college kids and that’s all.  If you are past 23 years old and are still working minimum wage, you seriously need to reassess your goals,  your education and your life.

The state of Oregon minimum wage has been significantly increased. Oregon employers must pay workers at least $2 an hour above the federal wage floor.

Oregon has the nation’s second-highest minimum wage, behind only Washington. The rates in both states are tied to inflation, so they are adjusted every year in an attempt to keep pace with the cost of living.

The raise will affect an estimated 142,000 workers in Oregon.

This is a sensitive issue for me because my oldest son is in the army and has done a tour in Afghanistan and still hasn’t gotten a significant pay increase for his service.


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