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HIPAA Police


I know that it may seem that I have completely run out of stuff to talk about.  Well, it’s this way.  I got a letter the other day from my employer saying that I was in violation of the HIPPA policy and I could be terminated with extreme prejudice if I continued.  It seems that simply not using my name, the doctors name or even the hospitals name isn’t good enough.  Although I have a Disclaimer, I could still get into deep trouble.  The rule is even if the story is totally fiction or if the story is only loosely based on one of my real life experiences,  then if any  other nurse anywhere on the planet,  is capable of recognizing the situation then this is considered an actual HIPPA violation.  This is the way it was explained to me… if any nurse can recognize the situation, then she could conceivably remember the specific patient, therefore we have ourselves the very definition of a HIPPA violation.  So that said, I find myself limited to talking about my coworkers and asshole doctors, my personal life, and such.  But even then, I can never mention anything, or any aspect of patient care.  I also talk about current events and politics, but I get tired and depressed talking about the imbeciles in Washington (or Salem for that matter).  I can discuss my own kids, but you probably get tired of this too. So, I find my topic coverage is becoming rather limited.


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